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justification in eBooks

Justification in eBooks

I assume you have perfectly good justification for every decision you've made in your writing... we're talking justification in eBooks of the content, including text and pictures.

Self-Publishing Let to This Author’s Success With Traditional Publishing

Shannon McLay, the former BookBaby author of Train Your Way To Financial Fitness, shared her thoughts on the concept of hybrid authors, the term used to describe writers who are involved in both traditional and self-publishing somewhere in their literary career, and how to navigate that transition successfully.
book editing

Book Editing: Part 3 Of My Self-Publishing Experience

This post, the third in my ongoing series about my self-publishing experience, is a deep dive into the process of book editing. But let me cut to the chase: You need to hire a professional to edit your book.
createspace discontinues author services

Amazon’s CreateSpace Announces It Will Stop Offering Author Services This Year

While Amazon's CreateSpace is discontinuing its author services, working directly with self-published authors is the core strength of BookBaby, leveling the playing field with services like editing, cover design, book formatting, and more.

How to Use StumbleUpon to Get More Exposure for Your Writing

Full Disclosure: I’m a stumbler. I’m a stumble addict. I’ve got a stumble habit.  I’m a stumbleholic, stumblelover, and a stumblemaniac. I can’t help it. It all started about four years ago when a friend of...

Seven Deadly Sins of Book Promotion

Competitive doesn’t begin to describe today’s book market. According to Bowker, thousands of books/ebooks are published each week, with self-published or indie published books gaining popularity each year. Authors working to build their brand and discoverability platforms need to be as strategic as possible to gain the attention of media and readers. For both novice authors and veteran authors alike, the pitfalls of book publicity are many... What follows are the Seven Deadly Sins of Book Promotion; the mistakes and actions that can destroy an author’s chances to get substantial media coverage, and how to avoid these common pitfalls.

4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Publishing Your First Novel

Your first novel isn’t necessarily going to be your first published novel. In fact, it probably shouldn’t. You’re still learning how to write fiction; there’s a lot to learn! Here's a checklist of 4 questions to ask yourself before publishing your first novel.


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