The science behind that “old book smell”

Ever wonder why libraries and used book stores smell so good?

Wonder no more! Andy Brunning, a chemistry teacher from the UK, has created an infographic — shown below — that breaks down (ba-dum-chik) the chemical reactions that occur in paper and ink as they age, causing the "old book smell." Next time you thumb through the pages of an old book, taking in its intoxicating aroma, remember what's behind that comfy smell: science! 
print on demand comparison

BookBaby vs. CreateSpace for print on demand

We work closely with Amazon to distribute your books to its massive audience. But Amazon offers its own Print on Demand service and we frequently get asked which company — BookBaby or CreateSpace — is the best for independent authors. I don't want to get too dramatic, but choosing your Print on Demand book distribution service is a little bit like… well, picking your future husband or wife. It’s a huge decision – the ultimate long-term relationship for self published authors. For better or worse, through strong book sales or writer’s block.
book description

5 tips for crafting a memorable book description

Jacket copy is never going to be “perfect.” It’ll never capture everything you want readers to know about your book or your achievements as an author. So give up on trying to pack it all in and just accept the fact that this is supposed to be, much like the descriptions on a menu, a teaser. First throw your hands in the air, and then use them to karate chop all the extraneous elements into submission. What’s left over will be in fighting trim.
self-published authors

Summer Readers Are A Key Market For Booksellers (And Self-Published Authors)

Before millions of travelers grab their sun lotion and dust off their flip flops, self-published authors have time to get their books in front of this massive book buying audience. It’s truly the best time for you to self publish your book, and BookBaby is here to help you make it happen!
self-published photography book

Chuck Beard’s Self-published Photography Book Is “Absolutely Stunning”

Chuck Beard is a professional photographer and magazine art director whose self-published photography book series, Abandoned Pittsburgh, was produced with BookBaby. In this testimonial, he accounts his experience of self-publishing, from the project’s conception to distribution. He chose BookBaby for its price, fast shipping, and quality of color reproduction.

Printed Books 101: how to prepare graphic files for book printing, Pt. 2

How to prepare graphic files for book printingIn order for you printed book to look as beautiful as you imagine it, you need to send your printer pristine files. If you have a lot of graphic elements (photos, graphs, etc.) in your book, check out Part 1 of this series, and then hop back here for step #2 below.

Preparing graphic files for book printing — Step #2:

Prepare your interior text PDF file When you're getting your interior text PDF file ready for printing: • Interior text PDF files must be in a single page format and not in printer or reader spreads. • The number of pages in the book should end on an even number. • Left side pages should be even numbered and right side pages should be odd numbered. — Saddle Stitched books need a page count divisible by four.

The top reasons for choosing a printed book over an eBook

Top reasons to choose a print book over an eBook

As an author, you don't have to choose; you can easily print physical copies of your book AND create a beautiful digital version for use on eReader, tablet, smartphone, or desktop.

But as we explored recently in an article called "Is eBook distribution enough? Why selling hard copies of your novel matters," the majority of readers still prefer physical books to digital.



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