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BookBaby vs. CreateSpace for print on demand

We work closely with Amazon to distribute your books to its massive audience. But Amazon offers its own Print on Demand service and we frequently get asked which company — BookBaby or CreateSpace — is the best for independent authors. I don't want to get too dramatic, but choosing your Print on Demand book distribution service is a little bit like… well, picking your future husband or wife. It’s a huge decision – the ultimate long-term relationship for self published authors. For better or worse, through strong book sales or writer’s block.

How to Sell Your Printed Books: Tips from Teresa L. Irvin

How to Sell Physical BooksBookBaby Print Services’ Author-of-the-Month: Teresa L. Irvin

We spend lots of time on this blog talking about how to promote and sell eBooks. so we thought it’d be a good idea to offer periodic tips on how to sell physical books too! And who better to ask for advice on this topic than independent authors who’ve returned to BookBaby for multiple printings of their book. They’re obviously doing something right, right? In this author-of-the-month series, we ask writers who have a proven sales history to give us a few tips and tricks on how they attracted attention to their book, and how they converted that attention into sales. Not all of their advice will apply to you, but you might find a few good promotion ideas you haven't tried yet. This month, we hear from…

Teresa L. Irvin, author of I Want to Know How to Grow

I’ve been a busy lady! Besides utilizing social media, blogs and websites pertaining to children, parents and grandparents, and having a website of my own, I’ve mailed...

BookBaby introduces Print On Demand books with the industry’s widest distribution network

BookBaby offer bookstore-quality Print On DemandYou can now gain unprecedented worldwide book distribution for both eBooks and printed books in 100+ stores and catalogs.

We are thrilled to announce a game-changing on-demand book printing and distribution service that gives authors and publishers the chance to sell their printed books in dozens of stores and catalogs, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Powell’s, as well as the complete Ingram and Baker & Taylor networks. Combined with our popular eBook distribution services, self-published authors can now place their books in over 100+ online stores and catalogs around the globe. Print On Demand (POD) allows you to sell printed books worldwide without paying for large print runs, inventory and warehousing issues, or handling your own order fulfillment. Books are printed and shipped to customers as needed — and because BookBaby’s POD service comes paired with global distribution, sales can come from almost anywhere in the world.

Making your own Christmas miracle – a book publishing timeline for holiday sales

There’s a blazing hot sun parked overhead and you can hear the kids splashing in the pool. Your backyard grill is fired up and ready to go, while the dog has settled down for a nap on one of the few patches of cool shade. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Or at least it should for self-published authors who want to take advantage of the holiday selling season to launch and sell their next books. And here’s why.
hybrid author gameplan

Introducing the Hybrid Author Game Plan

As the self-publishing industry emerged, every author was tasked with a new – and very important – decision: Should I continue to pursue the traditional publishing route – with the support of agents, publishers, editors, cover designers to push books into brick & mortar bookstores? – OR – Should I try my hand at self publishing – either DIY or with the help of companies like BookBaby where I can retain more control and much more of the earnings? Here’s the big change: Just a few short years later, this really isn’t a question anymore. Every author – new, experienced and everyone in between – can remove the “OR” and replace it with “AND.”


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