publish an eBook

Should I Just Publish an eBook or Wait To Get A Book Deal?

When I speak at conferences, and we’re delving into the topic of finding a publisher, a question invariably arises: “Should I just go and publish an eBook?”

What the Heck Am I Going to Do with 100 Copies of My Book?

10 ways to get 100 copies of your printed book into the hands of readers

Once upon a time, you had to order at least a thousand copies of your book if you wanted to see it in print — thus the old cliche of the self-published author with boxes and boxes of unsold books in his basement. Oh, the shame! But these days, the "sweet spot" in terms of manufacturing costs has lowered considerably. It's possible to order bookstore quality books at affordable prices in quantities as low as... 1!

Then what's stopping them from ordering printed books?

Many writers are still reluctant to print physical books, though, due to the big boom in eBooks, believing the popularity of eReading devices like Kindle, iPad, Nook, Kobo, and others have rendered printed books obsolete. Not so! Only 1/3rd of Americans own an eReader or tablet. The other 66% of your potential customers will be looking for the kind of book they can hold in their hands. Plus, you'll need printed copies of your book to send to press, literary critics, libraries, and to have on-hand for readings and signings. So let's imagine you start by printing 100 books just to test the waters. How are you going to make sure you get the most bang for your book? (Oh, bad puns are such fun!)
children's picture book

10 Tips For Creating Your First Children’s Picture Book

While children's picture books may seem simple, creating a brilliant one is no easy task. How do you make yours smart, engaging, and fun — rather than clichéd, saccharine, and didactic?


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