The #1 Myth About Designing an eBook

A popular self-publishing myth is that everyone can and should design their own eBook... Before we put BookBaby's myth-busting team to work, maybe we should ask ourselves, "What is book design?" Well, it's the process of...

6 Tips for Formatting Images for an eBook

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, a correctly formatted image is priceless! Here are tips to ensure the images you use for your eBook are eReader ready.

Top 5 eBook Formatting Questions Answered

Firstly, before we answer any questions, here's the most important tip: read an eBook! For folks who don't know how line-spacing, font size, pagination, and word-count work in eBooks, I can't suggest strongly enough that...

eBook Publishing: The How-To Guide for Writers

Whether you’re a rookie or an experienced pro in the eBook world, BookBaby’s newest FREE guide has something for everyone, including: * Proven eBook pricing strategies and tactics. * Why authors can’t skimp on editing or...
preparing for eBook conversion

Preparing your document for eBook Conversion

So your manuscript is complete and ready to enter the digital world? Great! Then it's time to submit it for eBook conversion.
design an eBook

How to Design an eBook: 3 Tips for Creating a Cover That Sells

We’ve all heard the old cliché “you can’t judge a book by its cover.” But the fact is we humans are a visual species, stimulated by compelling graphics and imagery. And not only do books with cool covers stand out because of their visual appeal, they can be one of your greatest sales tools as well.
formatting your manuscript

Formatting Your Manuscript for eBook Distribution

Between the writing and eBook distribution steps comes the conversion to ePub step, and properly formatting your manuscript ensures a smooth the conversion.


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