How to make an eBook

how to make an ebook"How to make and publish an eBook" is loaded with info to help you write, design, distribute, and promote your eBook. On this web page, we’ve collected the best-of-the-best information from our blog dedicated to creating eBooks, including Writing an eBook; How to design, format, and convert an eBook; How to get worldwide distribution; and How to promote an eBook.
eBook formatting tips

eBook formatting tips for self-published authors

Self-published eBooks shouldn't look any less professional than traditionally published eBooks. It's important to at least learn the basics of eBook formatting to make sure that the digital book you publish comes out on the other end of the eBook conversion process looking like something you cared about, labored over, and handled like a professional.
eBook formatting

How to format your eBook

Whether doing it yourself or using an eBook conversion service, this is how to ensure your manuscript is in the proper eBook format for file-conversion.
Formating Your Book

How to Correctly Format Your Book Interior Using Word: Word Templates for Proper Book...

For years, as a book designer and a blogger at The Book Designer blog, I’ve looked at hundreds of self-published books, and let me tell you, it’s not a pretty picture. Sure, there are lots of authors who have taken the time to learn the details of how books are put together, and made a good job of their books... it’s the other ones, the books put together by well-meaning authors who really want to succeed but, for one reason or another, are unclear on how exactly to go about it. Those are the ones that have big problems.

Let BookBaby Scan and Digitize Your Existing Book!

Want to distribute your previously published book as an eBook? Don’t have a digital file of the content? We get a lot of requests for this type of service, and we’re pleased to announce that we’ve partnered with a vendor we can trust in Bound Book Scanning. Bound Book Scanning is a mail-in book scanning service. They offer affordable methods of transferring any paper book to a clear, searchable PDF and editable Word doc. Their service is used for ebook reading, text searchability, and online publishing. There’s no minimum order and they offer fast turnaround times. Book Bound Scanning will digitize your book and send you your files in just 4-6 days. If you want the original returned to you, they also offer a non-destructive service, you’ll get your digital files and they’ll return your original in perfect condition. And since Bound Book Scanning is a BookBaby partner, we are offering you a special discount of 10% off your order.
eBook Formatting

The Top 10 Articles on eBook Formatting

Want to know how to format your Word document before converting it into an eBook? Here's how to prepare your book manuscript to become an eBook.
eBook formatting

eBook Formatting: How to Properly Indent Paragraphs

Can you guess the common eBook formatting mistake authors make when preparing for ePUB conversion? You should NOT use the tab key to indent paragraphs.


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