Twitter Chat for Independent Publishers

Can Twitter help with discoverability? Are independent publishers more agile in today's marketplace? What distribution challenges do indie publishers face? Consortium Book Sales & Distribution has launched an Indieview chat on Twitter.  Visit the #indieview...

Cat Johnson: Profitable Social Networking for Authors

At the Romantic Times Convention, BookBaby interviewed Cat Johnson, an award-winning author of steamy contemporary romance who writes in genres including military, cowboy, and paranormal.  One of the things we find fascinating about Cat...

Writers, Tell Us Your Scariest Publishing Industry Stories!

Ever lost a finished story or poem because you didn't back up your hard drive? Ever fallen victim to a book deal gone wrong? Ever been stalked by an overzealous reader? Ever fist-fought with an agent at at literary conference? Ever had your hand bitten by a haunted typewriter? Writing can be scary business—and this Halloween, we wanna hear YOUR horror stories: frights, thrills, tricks, and all. Let us know how you survived in the comments section below.

The Balancing Act, Pt 1: Dancing the tightrope as an author and independent publisher

This guest post was written by BookBaby friend and author Lexis De Rothschild. Bravo! Your book is up and running on BookBaby. For most authors, the task of finishing a book can take up to...

3 “Extra” Ways to Promote Your Business’ eBook

[Download BookBaby's new free PDF guide, "How to Boost Your Business with eBooks."] So, you've written an eBook to build your business' brand, prospect list, and client base. You've promoted it through all the usual channels. Are you forgetting anything?

How else can you use your shiny, brand new eBook?

Now that you’ve created that powerful tool to attract new business and increase the loyalty of existing customers, put it to work! Here are a few "extra" ideas on how to maximize its value: • Enclose it with your quotations and proposals. It’s a low-key, high-quality way to broadcast your credentials. • Offer it in your e-newsletters and in the signature block of your emails. Readers who download your white papers will be favorably influenced to take the actions you prescribe, and some may forward it to their prospects, clients, or customers as email attachments and via regular mail. Since you are giving rather than soliciting, your marketing efforts will be viewed with appreciation rather than resistance.

Publish Your eBook in Time for the Holiday Shopping Season!

BookBaby Holiday Deadlines

Want to get your eBook into Amazon and iBookstore in time for the holiday shopping rush? Here are some general guidelines to ensure your eBook is available for sale by Monday, December 10, 2012:

Basic Package:

Submit your ePub file and check out by Friday, Nov. 23, 2012.

Standard Package:

(Includes eBook conversion)—Submit your .doc, .pdf, or other electronic file and check out by Friday, Nov. 16, 2012.

Premium Package:

(includes eBook conversion and ePub proofs)—Submit your .doc, .pdf or other electronic file and check out by Friday, Nov. 9, 2012. Important: By following this schedule, your eBook should be available for sale at Amazon and iBookstore by Dec. 10, 2012. Other stores’ timelines will vary and often take additional time.These suggested timelines are guidelines only. Your eBook may be up for sale faster than times quoted. Standard and Premium timelines assume a simple file conversion to ePub and .mobi. If your book requires more complex conversions (photographs, illustrations, etc.) your eBook production will take longer than quoted above. Publish your eBook for Kindle and iPad in time for the holidays!


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