How To Self-Publish

Gain insight into the book self-publishing world. You don’t have to have a publishing deal to publish your book.

Scoundrels, scammers, and self publishing

Scoundrels and self-publishing scammersNot everybody in the publishing industry has your best interests at heart.

Last week I was in Portland, Oregon, listening in on phone calls with the BookBaby customer service team. One conversation stood out above the rest. A gentleman had phoned in with a long list of questions about self publishing, and near the end of the conversation he said: “You know, writing is the easy part. The hard part is figuring out what to do with it afterwards.” I’m sure that sums up the feelings of a lot of BookBaby authors, and I was glad that he had found our toll free number so we could answer all his self publishing questions. But it got me thinking: What if he hadn’t found BookBaby? Where would he be?
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You Can Succeed In The Marketplace As An Independent Author

You can succeed in today's marketplace as an independent author. There's data to back that up. Of course, statistics and sales reports won't mean a thing if your book has not been professionally edited or if you rushed through the design process.
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independent authors, Hang up the gloves and help!

Independent authors aren't in competition with each other. People are always going to buy books! We all win when we work together.

eBook pricing strategies for authors

eBook PricingOne of the most common questions we hear at BookBaby is some variation of "how much should I charge for my eBook? $9.99? $4.99? $2.99? Less?" Like most good questions, this one doesn't have one simple answer. In fact, we usually have to ask the author a few questions ourselves in order to get some context:
  • What is your goal with this book?
  • How much do you want to make from each sale?
  • What is the size of your existing readership?
eBook pricing, just like promotion and the writing of the book itself, doesn’t work the same for everyone.
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From first draft to book launch: how to publish a novel

Finishing your first draft is a major milestone, and here are your next six steps in your quest to publish a novel.
Self-Published eBook awards

Book News: Self-Published eBook Awards, Self-Publishing Advice, World’s Smallest Book, New Michael Crichton Book

If your book is digitally published and available for download, you're eligible to enter The Writer's Digest Self-Published eBook Awards.
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6 Must-Read Articles About Book Reviews

Whether you write them, read them, or — yes — BUY them, how do you determine the value of a book review?


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