How To Self-Publish

Gain insight into the book self-publishing world. You don’t have to have a publishing deal to publish your book.

author income

Authors Are Making Less Money? I’m Not Buying It.

A recent Authors Guild survey suggests author income is down dramatically. There are plenty of signs that this is not true, and plenty of ways to leverage your book to make additional income.

Submit Your Book NOW! (if you want your eBook available by Christmas)

As we speak, Santa's elves are toiling away in the workshop, preparing millions of tablets and eReading devices (Kindle Fire, iPad, Nook, etc.) for Christmas Eve delivery via reindeer-powered sleigh. That also means there will...

Reach more readers with BookPromo

Now BookPromo is packed with even more promotional muscle

Only BookBaby gives you the marketing, advertising, and PR, tools you need to properly promote your book and drive sales. We call it BookPromo. It’s free with every BookBaby publishing package. And it has become the most popular reason why authors choose BookBaby. Now we’re proud to announce that we’ve expanded BookPromo to be an even more powerful promotional tool for you. Here’s what new:

Exclusive discounts on targeted advertising

Thanks to BookPromo you can reach thousands of targeted readers with incredibly affordable advertising.

How to Cross-Sell eBooks

BookBaby president Brian Felsen interviewed Ami Greko (founder of Book Camp NYC and manager of vendor relations in the US for Kobo) about new ways authors can cross-sell eBooks, promote their work both online and in the real world, and incentivize book marketing experiments.
BookBaby customer service

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers.

Here’s a small sample of some of the questions received at BookBaby customer service:
book metadata

How selling houses using a roller coaster is a lot like your book metadata.

Yes, you read that first line correctly. No, it’s not a cheesy attempt to get your attention as I write about the incredibly important but often sleep-inducing subject of book metadata. Well, maybe a little. Truth be told, most articles about book metadata are dry as dust. As you probably know, metadata incorporates your book title, description, author bio and all the key selling info needed to distribute a book, onto sales pages at Amazon, iBooks and other online retailers to help readers discover your book.... <<ZZZZZzzzzz>> Let me shake you awake with the real estate roller coaster. Over in the Netherlands, real estate broker Verder met Wonen needed something different to attract the attention of potential home buyers. Instead of the tried-and-true open houses and the like, he took a different route. Literally.

BookBaby announces new president

Steven-Spatz-President-of-BookBaby-headshotWe've got some exciting news to share: Steven Spatz has been chosen as the new president of BookBaby.  Spatz has been the Chief Marketing Officer for Audio Video Labs (our parent company) for much of the past 10 years. He’s been a driving force behind many of our new products, including BookPromo and BookShop. “Steven has been an invaluable marketer for AVL on the music side of the business,” says AVL CEO Tony van Veen. “But he took a special interest in BookBaby from day one of this brand and we’re excited to see what he can do with the business.” “I’ve watched this company grow from its origins as CD Baby’s little brother, to become a leader in its field,” says Spatz. “I can’t wait to devote 100% of my time to this amazing brand.”


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