book subscription services

Why You Should Put Your Books On Subscription Services

The way readers consume and discover new books is rapidly changing, which is why you should consider making your work available by putting your books on subscription services.
promote your eBook

20 Free Sites Where You Can Promote Your eBook

Enlisting a book discovery service promoting cheap or free eBooks to a subscriber list – or helping you to boost your own social media efforts – is one way to promote your eBook and get readers, reviews, more social networking, and a kick-start to your book sales.

How to “like” a Facebook page FROM a Facebook page

You're a modern kinda author. You're hip to the latest this and that. You know social media can be one of the most effective free methods of building a readership. You know Facebook is the giant of social media. You even know that you should be promoting your writing career by using a Facebook PAGE, and NOT your personal Facebook profile. But one question you keep asking yourself, with much frustration, is "how the hell do I 'like' another author's Facebook page FROM my author page on Facebook?" It's quite simple, actually... Check it out.
Best Book Marketing Blogs

The Best Book Marketing Blogs

Author Phil Bolsta mentioned BookBaby's Blog in his list of "must-follow" book marketing websites. Check out the other blogs he recommends for authors.

How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Author Platform and Sell Your Book

Growing an author platform online takes planning, time, and effort – but it’s not at all difficult. With a little know-how you can build an online community of your own.
get reviews

Get Reviews for Your Self-Published Book

It's still difficult for self-published authors to get reviews from big-name book critics, but here are 10 places that WILL review your book.
Book Launch Blueprint

The Book Launch Blueprint: Build a Framework for Your Writing Platform

New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Tim Grahl joined our January #BBchat Twitter Chat to discuss how writers can plan their own successful book launch.


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