Author Promotion Tip: How to Embed a Tweet

Good news for authors! A new version of Twitter has recently launched that gives writers on the popular social network a few new promotional opportunities.
Author Video Promotion: Live streaming

Video Promotion for Authors, Pt. 2: Live Streaming for Readings and Book Clubs

Video is one of the most powerful marketing tools that an author can utilize. And through websites like YouTube and Vimeo, authors can build an audience and reach the masses through streaming and sharing video content.
video promotion for authors

Video Promotion for Authors, Pt. 1: the video interview

There are a number of ways authors can utilize video promotion to market their work, engage fans, increase their readership, and have some fun.
author Facebook page

How to Set Your Author Facebook Page Custom URL

Here's how to create a custom URL for your Author Facebook Page if you have at least 25 fans instead of the gobbledygook they initially assigned.
facebook for authors

Facebook for Authors: Setting up an author page, Pt. 2

We showed you how to setup a professional Facebook profile. Now, let's look at some Facebook features that make a profile page beneficial for an author's book promotion.
facebook for authors

Facebook for Authors: Setting up an author page, Pt. 1

Facebook dominates the social networking world. But how can authors use the Facebook platform to promote their books and find new readers? Naturally, you should be talking about your writing on your personal profile just as you talk about other aspects of your life, but there are some good reasons why you should make the leap and take the focused promotion efforts off of your personal Facebook profile and create a Facebook page dedicated to your literary pursuits.


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