video promotion for authors

Video Promotion for Authors, Pt. 1: the video interview

There are a number of ways authors can utilize video promotion to market their work, engage fans, increase their readership, and have some fun.
writing communities

Writing Communities and Networking Strategies in the Digital Age

When you first started composing your masterpiece, you probably thought the biggest hurdle was actually getting it done.  By now, you’ve learned there are many more challenges than just the writing process. You need to find an editor, a publisher, a peer review group.  And, you need to engage in some serious marketing – of yourself and your book.

5 ways to get publicity for your book (that aren’t related to your book...

As an author, when planning a publicity campaign, you probably think about contacting the press a few months before you launch a new book or embark on a book tour. But there are a lot of other ways to get press and blog coverage for your writing besides the usual book tour and book launch publicity campaign. Here are just a few newsworthy events in your literary life that journalists and bloggers might be interested in covering: 1) When you start writing a new book. 2) When you’re deep into the writing, 3) When you finish writing your book, 4) When you solidify your book title, 5) When you finalize your book cover.
first-time authors

Book Publishing Blunders of First-Time Authors

Author, book publishing expert, and coach Judith Briles (AKA The Book Shepherd) joined our February #BBchat Twitter Chat to discuss book publishing blunders for first-time authors.

Seven Deadly Sins of Book Promotion

Competitive doesn’t begin to describe today’s book market. According to Bowker, thousands of books/ebooks are published each week, with self-published or indie published books gaining popularity each year. Authors working to build their brand and discoverability platforms need to be as strategic as possible to gain the attention of media and readers. For both novice authors and veteran authors alike, the pitfalls of book publicity are many... What follows are the Seven Deadly Sins of Book Promotion; the mistakes and actions that can destroy an author’s chances to get substantial media coverage, and how to avoid these common pitfalls.

Author Promotion Tip: Create a Vizify Video of Your Twitter Activity

Vizify for Authors

Make a quick movie about your Twitter feed

Does that sound boring? Well, it's only going to be as boring as your Twitter usage. If you're engaging your readers effectively on Twitter, they'll love watching a short (under a minute) Vizify summary of your activity. Take 60 seconds out of your busy day and create a Vizify video. It's fun.

 Here's how Vizify works:

1. Click the "Make Mine" button on THIS PAGE. 2. Type in your email address and verify that Vizify can access your Twitter information. 3. Wait a few seconds while Vizify prepares your video. 4. Watch the preview by clicking "play."
blog a book

How to “blog a book” and become a successful author

In this interview, Nina Amir provides tips on how to turn your blog into a book, position yourself as an expert, and build your writing career upon an inspired foundation. 


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