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Social media mistakes: don’t be THAT author!

I've had a  good year getting poems placed in respected publications. Naturally, I wanted to share my excitement every time on social media (which means Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for me). These are life events on an order of magnitude somewhat greater than "I ate eggs for breakfast this morning" or "I'm listening to my Katy Perry/Mountain Goats mashup again."
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Creative Inspiration For Book Selling During Quarantine

Excerpted from our guide, Book Marketing In The Age of COVID-19, we have creative ideas for marketing and selling your books as we approach the holidays.

FREE eBook for Authors- Cory Doctorow on Building a Tribe of Readers, Copyright, and...

Our friends at Children's Book Insider/Write-4-Kids have compiled some of the best advice from another BookBaby favorite, author Cory Doctorow, and turned it into an eBook you can download HERE for free! Here's what they...
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Disappointed In Your Business Book Sales? These Tweaks Can Help.

A lot of things factor into book sales, but part of the problem might be the marketing message and positioning of your book. These tips can help sort this out before, and even after, your business book has launched.

Social media for authors: how to make the juggling act a little easier

Social Media for AuthorsManaging half a dozen social media profiles, a website, a writing life, and a life outside of writing can get tricky. But there are a few simple ways to tame the social media beast before it slips out of your control.

How to integrate your social media promotion with your website, for sanity's sake:

1. Use social media widgets  Displaying your Twitter and Facebook activity ON your website is a great way to alert readers that you’re engaged on those services, and to encourage them to follow you without even having to ask. 2. Use social media plugins and shortcodes 
John Locke

The Lessons Of John Locke’s Self-Publishing Career

John Locke's story of success selling his self-published books, and the scandal it kicked up, provides multiple lessons on why the best way to long-term success is writing quality books and putting in good, honest hard work.

Author Selling Tip: Help an Underserved Market with Your Writing

Ok, so maybe this is actually more of a writing tip, but I guarantee if your book meets the needs of an underserved market, you WILL sell! It ain't rocket science: if there aren't enough...


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