why you need a galley

What is a galley, and why do you need one?

Authors, you need to print galleys before your book launch. No, not THAT kind of galley! Though rowing into a book fair on a ship powered by oarsmen would be an impressive way to launch your book. Galleys, or advanced reader copies (ARCs), are printed versions of your book that you will give away for free to reviewers, bloggers, distributors, retail buyers, and other industry contacts.
author platform

Building Your Author Platform in 10 Hours a Week (Including Writing Time!)

Build your author platform before your next book launch, so you can harness the power of potential buyers, industry contacts, and your entire web community.

How to Enlist “Interns” for Free: Getting Friends and Family to Help You Promote...

Why would anyone help you promote your book launch for free? Here's how to enlist your friends, family, and fans as "interns" for your book launch.
Book Launch party

How to Throw a Book Launch Party That Isn’t a Waste of Time

Updated August 2017. If you're self-publishing or releasing a book through a small press, being pampered isn't usually part of the equation; you'll have to take the lead on planning your own launch party. But don't get fever chills; it's not all that different from throwing a Super Bowl party, only YOU are the main attraction and hopefully drunk men won't be screaming at you if you drop a word or don't annunciate clearly during your reading.
book signing checklist

The Ultimate Book Signing Checklist for Authors

As an author, a book signing is one of the rare times you’ll come face-to-face with actual human beings who want to read your book. Here's our ultimate book signing checklist so you can be prepared for your big moment.


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