How To Promote

Here are some affordable book promotion tips, advice, tools and tricks that really work to help you market and sell your books.

author brand

Your Author Brand: What It Is And Why You Need One

"I'm not a brand, I'm an author!" True, but the purpose of branding is the same whether you’re selling books or bran flakes: to let customers know what they’re going to get before they buy.

Book Breakthrough NYC Helps You Achieve Your Publishing Goals

What’s holding you back from sharing your message with the world?  Too many people end up pouring their heart, soul, time, and money into pursuing their publishing dreams, only to realize they're actually missing a...
marketing copy

Nine Ways to Write More Persuasive Marketing Copy

Effective marketing copy must be customized for the intended consumer. Use these nine tips to help you write persuasive marketing copy when you promote your books.
Book tour!

Setting up your own book tour

If you're a self-published author or you've got a book out on a small press, you're probably not going to embark upon a national reading tour on someone else's dime. Heck, even if your book was published by FSG you might not get any financial or logistical help when it comes to planning a book tour. No, you're going to have to organize and pay for your own book tour, the D.I.Y. way. Now you're wondering, "Is it worth the effort? Will I sell any books? What are some common book tour mistakes, and how can I avoid them?" Plenty of authors have booked successful multi-city reading tours on their own. Lucky for us, some of them have written all about their experiences.
Blog Ideas for Authors

Blogging for Authors: How to Generate New Blog Ideas

Blogging is tremendous fun, and pretty engaging even if you don’t love your topic. Well, this is true most of the time... Here's how to generating new blog ideas when you're stumped.
"click to tweet" for authors

‘Click to Tweet’ for Authors: Make It Easy for Readers to Tweet Quotes from...

Using a generator called "ClicktoTweet," bloggers are able to highlight specific text within their blog posts (like a cool quote or great one liner) and tweet it out to the cyber universe, directing traffic back to said blog.

The top 3 rules of social media for authors

Social Media for AuthorsIf you want to build a large online readership and effectively promote your book through social media, there are three very important things to remember, no matter which social networks you’re using.

1. It’s all about connection

Don’t be one of those annoying social media spammers, constantly boasting or asking followers to “buy, buy, buy” (or both).  Instead, provide value, either through writing and sharing useful information, or by being simply entertaining (which could mean funny, biting, sympathetic, etc.) Once you’ve made a real connection, your followers will be more receptive to buying your book. Soft sell!

2. Be a shinier, more compact you

Here’s the thing: you can’t communicate all of your beauty, depth, and complexity via social media. We can’t even...


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