How To Promote

Here are some affordable book promotion tips, advice, tools and tricks that really work to help you market and sell your books.

Market Research for your book

How To Do Market Research For Your Book

This post addresses market research for your book and the how to focus on the key elements that will help you craft a book that has the potential to be a best seller.

Share, Tweet and Discuss Your Book: Social Media for Authors

This article is written by guest contributor and BookBaby author Lexis DeRothschild. Every author/publisher has to come to grips with Social Media, those online utilities that have transformed how we communicate with others. Writers Joanna...

Pinterest for Authors: How to Promote Your Writing on the Fastest Growing Website Ever

Pinterest– isn’t that a website for travel planners, lovers of delectables, and vintage-clothing aficionados? Well, yes; but many authors are finding creative ways to promote their books using the social scrapbooking site too. 10.4 million people currently use Pinterest, and that figure is climbing fast; some data shows that Pinterest is the fastest growing standalone website ever. 

What exactly is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a combination of a digital pin-up board and a scrapbook. It's a bit like Twitter, only for pictures and videos instead of 140-character tweets. From your Pinterest page you can create different boards for different interests– one for book covers, one for photos of characters in your book, one for pictures of you and your readers, one for photos of your writing desk, etc. Plus, other people can pin things to your public page, which encourages sharing and interaction.
Why your book didn't get reviewed

Why your last book didn’t get reviewed

7 reasons the media may've said "no thanks" to reviewing your last book

Did you put your heart and soul (and time and money) into writing and launching your last book project? Did you release it into the world with grand expectations — only to be ignored by the media, critics, and book bloggers?
get reviews

Get Reviews for Your Self-Published Book

It's still difficult for self-published authors to get reviews from big-name book critics, but here are 10 places that WILL review your book.
social media mistakes

Three Social Media Mistakes For Would-Be Authors

Social media is a key element of many authors' marketing plans, but you're making a mistake if you focus on book sales — especially right out of the gate. Start early, take it seriously, be social, and you may find success promoting on social media.
amazon top customer reviewers

How to Get Your Book Reviewed on Amazon by Top Customer Reviewers

Amazon's top customer reviews can make a huge impact... even if you already have dozens of great miscellaneous customer reviews on Amazon.


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