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How to write, self-publish, and market your books.

Book Promotion & Publicity

From book launches to digital ads, in-person events to social media, email lists to author newsletters, these strategies and ideas will get your book in front of as many potential readers as possible.

woman making a book marketing plan

Avoid A Book Marketing Plandemic in 2023

Let’s get your book marketing healthy and thriving this year. Here’s what the doctor recommends.
Social Media For Authors word cloud

Social Media For Authors

This collection of BookBaby Blog posts features tips to help you optimize your promotional and professional exploits on social media.
booktok book marketing

#BookTok Book Marketing Tips

#BookTok and a thriving reader community make TikTok fertile ground for book marketing — just follow these tips to make the most of it.
Sometimes Island book cover blurb

The Power Of A Strong Book Cover Blurb

From enticing teasers to critical affirmation, a book cover blurb can persuade readers to check out and buy your book and can serve to promote your title and your author platform for years to come.
sell your book by creating opportunities like book signings

Find And Create Opportunities To Sell Your Book

Sometimes the best advice is simple, and it's up to you how to build on the details. Here are three simple ways to create and be available for opportunities to sell and promote your book.
diagram depicting building a market for your books

How To Find (And Build) A Market For Your Books

Sometimes, the journey to finding a market for your books means forging your own path and following leads as they come.
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Book Marketing Ideas From Successful Authors

Completing a book takes a lot of effort. Selling it is even harder. While you know about the mechanics of writing, you may not be a book marketing expert — so how will you get the word out about your book?

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