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Book Promotion & Publicity

From book launches to digital ads, in-person events to social media, email lists to author newsletters, these strategies and ideas will get your book in front of as many potential readers as possible.

young woman shooting a video

What are Book Influencer Programs and How Do They Work?

Are you looking to gain exposure for your book? Discover the benefits of book influencer programs and learn how they work.
Woman meditating while reading a self-help book

How to Make and Market a Self-Help Book

Want to share your self-help insights with the world? Here's everything you need to know to create and promote your self-help book.
graphic depicting how to market audiobooks

How to Market Audiobooks as a Self-Published Author

Do you want to market your audiobook like a pro? Read on to learn strategies for effective promotion as a self-published audiobook author.
stack of books with marketing terms on spines

How to Market a Self-Published Book

Once you release your book, your work isn't done. Read this post for ideas on how to market a self-published book to optimize engagement and visibility.
author planning for non-bookstore marketing

For Non-Bookstore Marketing, Set SMART Goals

Special-sales marketing, also called non-bookstore marketing, is the process of selling books to buyers other than through bookstores.
cartoon of author carrying a stack of self-published books

How To Use 100 Printed Books To Promote Your Self-published Title

If you're going to use printed books to promote your self-published title – we've got ideas for how to put 100 of them to work for you.
book club discussing a novel

How To Define Your Book’s Target Audience In 6 Steps

Defining and engaging your target market is crucial when it comes to promotion, and these six steps can help you build your reader personas.

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