Warren Adler

Warren Adler is one of the most prolific storytellers of our time. When he passed away recently at the age of 91, Adler was experiencing a career renaissance with his collection of novels being turned into movies, TV and plays. His universal themes of romance, dysfunction, political survival and mystery will keep his best-selling works relevant for years to come.
write on

When in doubt, write on.

"You don't give up writing," says Warren Adler. "If you're a true artist, this is your artistry. Keep writing, keep reading, and stay curious. When in doubt, write on."
create characters

How much physical description is enough when you create characters?

When you create characters, how far should you go to individualize their physical descriptions? What is absolutely necessary for the depiction?
written word

Are TV and Movies Killing the Written Word?

Will the coming generations receive most of their entertainment through visual means rather than through the written word, and will such a proliferation of narrative film/TV reduce the importance of reading? As a longtime practitioner of the art of fiction writing and a committed reader of the works of others, I have been thinking a great deal about the impact of the proliferating film/TV industry on the future of reading.
confronting bad book reviews

Confronting bad book reviews

Moby Dick was declared "dull, dreary, and ridiculous" and Orwell's 1984 "a failure." In literature, bad book reviews and effusive praise come with the territory. Just celebrate you are being noticed, and be sure your name is spelled right.
writing a novel

10 perfectly normal struggles when writing a novel [infographic]

Do you agonize over your titles? Are your friends worried about you because you don’t emerge from your office for days? Are you constantly rewriting? Don’t worry – you’re not alone! Warren Adler, who has published more than 30 novels and short story collections in his 40 years as a published author, lifts the veil on some of the "perfectly normal" writing struggles he has learned to accept as part of the process of creation and writing.
independent author

Why I Am An Independent Author, by Warren Adler

Warren Adler has published more than 30 novels and short story collections, including The War of the Roses, which was turned into a major motion picture and is currently in development for a Broadway production.


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