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The Book Professor® is where you get expert help to write your nonfiction book. Founded in 2011 by Nancy Erickson, The Book Professor helps aspiring authors write nonfiction books that can change lives, save lives, or transform society.
writer racing an hourglass trying to publish a book faster

How To Write And Publish A Book Faster: A 4-Stage Process

To produce quality work, book-writing and publishing inevitably take time. But there are things you can do to speed up the process and publish a book faster.
should I copyright my book?

Why Should I Copyright My Book (And How Do I Do It)?

What is copyright registration, how do I do it, what does it protect, and is it really necessary to copyright my book?
booktok book marketing

#BookTok Book Marketing Tips

#BookTok and a thriving reader community make TikTok fertile ground for book marketing — just follow these tips to make the most of it.
young woman reading writing published in serial format

Ready To Publish Your Writing In Serial Format?

Serial online platforms provide an interesting path to publish your writing. Is your book right for this approach?
young writers attending a writing workshop

Is A Writing Workshop Right For You?

Writers rarely produce perfect first drafts that are ready to publish. Even famous authors like Ernest Hemingway and Virginia Woolf joined writing workshops to polish their prose.
a woman touching wild lavender

Sensory Language Makes Your Writing Come Alive

One way to make an impact on your readers is to invite them into the room with you. Bring them in close by crafting scenes fueled by sensory language.
be an author

5 Ways Being An Entrepreneur Has Primed You To Be An Author

Most people probably don’t think “author” when they imagine an entrepreneur, but the experiences of entrepreneurs have prepared you to be an author, and your story can make excellent nonfiction reading.

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