Suzanne Paschall

Suzanne is a blogger, author and coach of the FreshVoice Academy for nonfiction book authors. She has authored two nonfiction books and is working on a third, as well as many editing credits for numerous other books. She is also working on her first novel, The Memoir, and a personal blog-to-book project, The Pink Notebook, both of which can be found and supported at
patronage for authors

A New Patron Age For Authors

Patreon is a modern-day patronage system that's so useful, you’d think Michelangelo had invented it himself. But can it work for independent authors?
fresh eyes reader

A “Fresh Eyes” Reader Can Save Manuscript Errors

If you’re asked to be a fresh eyes reader by a friend or colleague who’s writing a book, you are being given an honor, a privilege, and most important, a responsibility. Don’t take it lightly, but be sure to enjoy it along the way!
Venn Zen

Venn Zen: Authors, be one with your audience

Can you envision your ideal reader? What are their interests? Why do they need your book? Use our Venn Zen to help understand your audience.


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