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Shane Millar

Shane Millar of Fictionary
Shane Millar is the author of the Myth & Magic and Chosen Vampire urban fantasy thriller series. He is also a Fictionary Certified Story Coach and the author of the Write Better Fiction craft guides. Shane has taken too many writing courses to count and enjoys reading as much as possible. He is obsessed with five things: the writing craft, mythology, personal development, food, and martial arts movies.
astronaut in front of an explosion depicting the story climax of a book

How To Write A Story Climax That Packs A Punch

Want to write a story that sticks with your readers long after they have finished reading? You should probably start writing at the end, with your story climax.
stone bridge in fantasy setting depicting a story arc

The Story Arc Makes Your Stories Powerful

Adding structure to your stories shouldn't stifle imagination or creativity. The story arc exists to help you tell a satisfying story. Estimated reading time: 1 minute Whatever your genre or...

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