Nancy L. Erickson

International book marketer, executive book coach, international speaker, and author advocate Nancy L. Erickson is known as The Book Professor because she helps everyday people write high-impact nonfiction books that will save lives, change lives, or transform society. Titles credited to her name include A Life in Parts, for which she received back-cover endorsements from Sir Paul McCartney and Cindy Crawford. Using a methodology she developed, Erickson leads her clients through the writing and publishing process, from initial concept to a draft manuscript, finished manuscript, professionally published product, and internationally marketed product. Erickson is the owner of Stonebrook Publishing, a small press she founded in 2009, and is the creator and owner of Bookarma, a book marketing platform where authors help authors market their books globally through shared social networks. She has presented her innovative ideas at BEA and the Frankfurt Book Fair, where she was a featured speaker.
focus your writing

Three questions to help you crystallize and focus your message

When writing – be it a short story, an exposé, or marketing copy – there are three questions you should answer before you actually sit down to work. Follow this guide to help clarify and focus your message
how to market your book on Twitter

Nine things authors should be doing on Twitter right now

Social media marketing doesn't always play to most writers' strengths, but having a plan and a goal can help you effectively market your book on Twitter. Not sure how to begin? Here are nine things to consider. 1. Be a thought leader. You don't always have to come up with original content to establish yourself as a thought leader. Tweet links to current news in your industry to keep your followers up-to-date and show you know what’s going on outside your own four walls.
book metadata

Tell your book’s story with metadata

Do you know how to market with book metadata? You’re a writer, and you probably hate all those geeky computer terms that people toss around when they’re trying to point out something you haven’t done. But metadata is important if you want your book to go far and wide. So what is metadata, and why do you want to take advantage of it?
author services

Navigating the authors services industry

The independent publishing market is vibrant, a whole slew of author service providers has emerged, and authors can feel confused about who to trust.
independent publishing

How Karma and Cooperation have changed the game in independent publishing

Traditional publishers have long held an exalted position. They determined who was in and who was out, who was worthy and who was not. They decided what the public could read and what messages or entertainment to issue. They were the gatekeepers of ideas.
authors who hate social media

Authors who hate social media

If you're an author, you may have come kicking and screaming into the world of social media -- or perhaps you haven't entered it at all. "I don't like social media ... I need more than 140 characters ... It's not communication ... blah, blah, blah... It's time to get over it!
independent authors

independent authors, Hang up the gloves and help!

Independent authors aren't in competition with each other. People are always going to buy books! We all win when we work together.


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