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Michael Gallant

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Michael Gallant is a writer, musician, composer, producer, and entrepreneur. He lives in New York City. Follow Michael on Twitter at @Michael_Gallant.
Creative scene with a landscape growing out of a book

Using the Three-Act Structure in Your Story

What is the three-act structure, and how is it used in storytelling? Learn essential components and tips for how to incorporate this approach into your writing.
stylized image of author with book, lightbulb and letters coming out of his head

How to Write a Book Title That Gets Attention

One way to attract more readers is to write a book title that grabs their attention. We've got ideas and examples to help you do just that.
writer receiving writing criticism from a colleague

How To Deal With Writing Criticism And Negative Feedback

Even the most brilliant writers can feel frustrated, disillusioned, or demoralized when it comes to their work. Here’s how to keep writing through it all.
people in line for a book signing

Common-sense Tips To Get People To Your Book Signing

These strategies can help you summon a vibrant audience for your next big literary event or book signing.
author signing a book

How To Get People To Your Book Signing

Creative and thoughtful planning will help you fill the house for your book launch, book signing, or next big literary event.
international audience depicted in cartoon

How To Write For An International Audience

When you know that your work will be translated and shared with readers in different countries, these real-world tips can help.
elderly man at typewriter proves you're never too old to write

You’re Never Too Old To Write

Writing isn't just a young person's game. Many authors who didn't start writing until they were in their fifties, sixties, and seventies (and older!) have made their mark on critics and readers.

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