Lee Purcell

Lee Purcell
Lee Purcell started out doing technical writing in the heyday of Silicon Valley innovation and ended up in a small town in Vermont, telecommuting, surrounded by 200-year old white pines. More about his technical endeavors can be discovered at lee-purcell.com.
virtual book clubs

Virtual Book Clubs In The Era Of Social Distancing

Book-related events in the virtual world can’t completely replace the vibrant atmosphere of face-to-face presentations, but with some imagination, you can keep your book sales on an upward trajectory and enhance your readership.

Unlucky Breaks: Famous Writers Who Suffered Slings, Arrows, And Misfortune

Melville, Twain, and Fitzgerald might be best known for their classic literary contributions, but they all suffered professional and critical disasters during their lifetimes.
creativity and madness Kandinsky

Of Creativity And Madness

Personal suffering is sometimes cited by artists as a driving force behind their work, turning pain, anxiety, trauma, and hostility into creative expression. We profile a few notable examples in this post.
public libraries

Public Libraries: An Asset For Independent Authors

As an indie author, libraries are a powerful asset for getting your book into the hands of readers and reaching an audience through presentations, community contacts, reviewers, and reference librarian recommendations.
craft of writing

Counterintuitive Advice On The Craft of Writing

You own all your artistic decisions, so let your heart guide you on your path as you embark on the craft of writing and take your own advice.
book trailer

Creating A Low-Cost Book Trailer

Creating videos can be as satisfying as writing books, so don’t be afraid to extend your communication outreach to new dimensions by producing an inexpensive, but compelling, book trailer.
author Joanna Penn

Yearning for the vagabond life: a profile of indie author Joanna Penn

Interviewing author and speaker Joanna Penn is a lot like reading one of her thrillers — a rollicking ride through uncharted territories where surprises burst from dark corridors and human quirks shape the narrative in unexpected ways. In the span of less than an hour, I learned that she and I are taphophiles (people who are fascinated by graveyards), her “overnight” success self-publishing ebooks took more than 5 years of hard work, and she envisions a vagabond existence in the future, traveling internationally to inspire her writing, painting verbal pictures of her favorite places (Jerusalem being one), and sparking her imagination by seeking strange and unfamiliar locales. Joanna is the producer of hundreds of podcasts and video interviews (many available through her site, The Creative Penn), so I was surprised to learn...


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