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Lee Purcell

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Lee Purcell started out doing technical writing in the heyday of Silicon Valley innovation and ended up in a small town in Vermont, telecommuting, surrounded by 200-year old white pines. For another slant on his current pursuits, visit
"Tracking Trends in Publishing" - Stacks of books increasing in size with an arrow showing the upward trend.

Tracking Trends in Publishing

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes Book publishing has experienced tectonic changes as the world navigates the digital era. And while some predicted the rise of the eBook would spell...
woman climbing out of picture frame over a seascape

Writing Absurdist Fiction: An Invitation With Examples

Every writer who embraces absurdist fiction faces this dilemma: How do I stretch the form without breaking it?
woman reading from a large book

Finding Your Voice as a Writer

Once your voice as a writer is real and audible, people’s attitude to your writing will change. Finding your voice means you are writing something no one else could write.
animation of young woman finding writing inspiration with ideas floating out of her head

Finding Writing Inspiration

Writing inspiration can come from a combination of sources. Make a habit of being open those that personally inspire you.
three active travel writers

Developing a Career as a Travel Writer

If you are interested in learning more about your own humble place in the universe through travel writing, you'll benefit from the insights of the three veteran travel writers highlighted here.
woman looking out at Grand Palace in Bangkok

Expanding Boundaries: Pioneers of Travel Writing

The notion of combining a love for travel and writing — and being paid as a travel writer — can be an enticing fantasy. We look at some of the titans of the genre.
four book covers from recent fiction

Best Book Endings in Recent Fiction

The conclusion can elevate the reader’s experience to sublime satisfaction. Or, it can make the reader wish they’d never embarked on the journey of reading your book.

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