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Lauren Davish

Lauren Davish
Lauren Davish is a writer, singer/songwriter, yoga instructor, and voice coach. She received her MA in Creative Writing with a focus on creative nonfiction in 2019. Her favorite types of writing include blog posts and song lyrics, though she would love to one day publish a novel. Lauren lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two cats.
open book emanating light

How to Write a Good Story (6 Tips for Aspiring Authors)

Gain insight on how to write a good story that captivates your audience by developing your characters, plot, and dialogue.
man reading a novel ... or is it a book?

Novel vs. Book: Three Key Differences

What's the difference between novel vs. book? From genre and category to word count to formats, we spell out the differences and similarities.
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How to Self-Publish a Children’s Book

We lay out a step-by-step process to self-publish a children's book, from writing a compelling story, to preparing your manuscript, to reaching your audience.
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7 Common Themes in Children’s Literature

How do you decide on a theme for your children's book? We look at common themes in children's literature to help you craft a story kids will love.
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What is Copy Editing and Does Your Book Need It?

Copy editing can be time-consuming but is critical when publishing a book. Learn how to speed up copy editing so your book can go to market fast.
Bookshelves lined with books of varying book sizes

The Ultimate Guide to Book Sizes

Unsure of which book size is best for your book? Our self-publishing experts have all the tips and tricks you need to select the perfect size before hitting the shelves.
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How to End a Story and Keep Readers Engaged

Capture your reader's attention with the perfect ending to your story. Learn how to craft an engaging ending and start publishing your book.

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