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Lauren Davish

Lauren Davish
Lauren Davish is a writer, singer/songwriter, yoga instructor, and voice coach. She received her MA in Creative Writing with a focus on creative nonfiction in 2019. Her favorite types of writing include blog posts and song lyrics, though she would love to one day publish a novel. Lauren lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two cats.
How to Write a Book With No Experience in 10 Steps

How to Write a Book With No Experience in 10 Steps

Estimated reading time: 8 minutes Deciding to write a book is a goal that can be equally exciting and overwhelming — particularly when you have no experience. However, the...
"How to Add Research for Your Next Book Project" Creative searching for idea or inspiration, research or imagination for designer and writer, discover creativity, content or solution concept, creative man open pencil use as telescope to see vision.

How to Add Research for Your Next Book Project

Estimated reading time: 8 minutes Whether your next book is a cutting-edge cookbook, historical fiction, or anything in between, it’s vital that you add research in books so that...
"How to Write a Chapter Outline in 7 Steps"

How to Write a Chapter Outline in 7 Steps

Whether you're writing a novel, a nonfiction book, or an academic text, understanding how to efficiently outline your chapters can significantly enhance the quality and coherence of your final work. Writing a chapter outline...
"What is BookTook: 4 TikTok Strategies for Authors" Showing, presenting book in hardcover

What is BookTok: 4 TikTok Strategies for Authors

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes Who said TikTok was full of mindless videos? Clearly, they’ve never heard of BookTok. This thriving subcommunity on TikTok has proven itself to be...
Books on a desk with the words "Back Matter?" in white

What Goes in the Back Matter of a Book?

What is back matter for your book, and why does it matter? Learn essential components, marketing tips, and best practices to keep readers engaged.
athor using an SEO tool

Author SEO: Grow Your Book’s Online Presence

Having online listings and a website is step one — the next is to rank on page one of search results, which is where author SEO comes in.
two hands pulling on a rope

Protagonist vs. Antagonist: A Guide to Writing Characters

The conflict between your protagonist vs. antagonist may be the central focus of your story, so it's worth determining their deeper roles in your narrative before you set out to write your tale.

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