Julie Salisbury

Julie Salisbury
Julie Salisbury is the Founder and President of Influence Publishing, Inc and InspireABook Publishing coaching. She has coached over 500 authors and published over 60 titles through Influence Publishing Inc. and guided many others through the self-publishing process since 2008. Currently, Salisbury is focusing on empowering writers to understand the advantages of the author publisher. Salisbury is the author of Around the world in Seven Years – A Life Changing Journey and has been featured on international TV, radio, and press, including the Daily Mail in the UK. She is a professional speaker and won the 62nd Golden Gavel Speech Competition in 2008. Julie was recognized with the Woman of Worth, Spirit, Success and Soul and Unlimited Woman of Creativity in 2013.
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The Purpose Behind The Pages

You know your topic – you live and breathe it and can’t wait to share your passion with the world! You will pour all this passion into the pages of your book, and it will radiate with the love you have for your subject. Your book will be extraordinary. It will change the lives of your readers, and your life, too. But wait! There’s more. Did you really think writing a book would be that simple?
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Target A Niche And Find Your Voice

One helpful exercise you can engage in at the beginning of the writing process is to ask yourself specific questions to help discover the purpose behind your book. Answering these questions will help you uncover your intentions for yourself and your readers, and help define your niche book market.


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