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Jim Foley

Jim Foley
Jim Foley serves as President of BookBaby. Over a 20+ year career working in the independent music and publishing industries, Jim and his teams have helped artists and authors bring their work to the marketplace. As a lifelong musician and writer, Jim has deep knowledge and understanding of the challenges and opportunities that exist for creators as they navigate the their publishing careers.
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Self-Publishing Q&A: More of Your Questions Answered

We've selected a handful of your questions to post here to help keep our readers informed and energized as you embark on your mission to self-publish a book.
Picture of two yearbooks

How to Choose the Best Yearbook Binding

While print quality is essential for a stellar finished product, a high-quality yearbook goes beyond that; it includes a well-designed cover and durable binding.
two-page spread of a school yearbook

How to Make a Yearbook in 7 Steps

Yearbooks hold precious memories and archive community history. Here are seven basic steps to follow to make a yearbook with BookBaby's professional yearbook services.
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Can ChatGPT Help You Overcome Writer’s Block?

If you're feeling stuck with your writing, why not take a break and check out ChatGPT? If nothing else, you might have fun experimenting.
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5 Tips To Get Your Book Finished This Spring

Writing a book is no easy feat, but if you achieve the right mindset, set realistic goals, and create a healthy writing routine, you can stay motivated, make steady progress, and complete your book.
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Why BookBaby Built A Print-On-Demand Solution

The short answer to why we built our print-on-demand facility (right here in New Jersey) is because self-publishing authors asked us to.
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How To Define Your Book’s Target Audience In 6 Steps

Defining and engaging your target market is crucial when it comes to promotion, and these six steps can help you build your reader personas.

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