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Ginny Carter, The Author Maker, is a business book ghostwriter, book writing coach, and author. She’s on a mission to transform established speakers, coaches, and consultants from "experts" into "experts-with-a-book" through the publication that grows their reputation and expands their business. Do you want to get seen, heard, and hired with your own book? Claim your free guide, How to Stand Out as an Expert With Your Own Book by clicking here.
improve your business book

Five Things You Can Do To Improve Your Business Book (or ANY book)

There are simple techniques you can use to improve your business book that have nothing to do with magic, intrigue, or being the next Malcolm Gladwell. Here's how you can motivate, engross, and inspire your readers.
wasting time writing

Are You Wasting Your Time Writing Your Business Book?

If you find yourself asking if you're wasting time writing your business book, look out for these five signs. They'll help you avoid getting an answer you won't like.
writing your business book

Start With Your “Why” When Writing Your Business Book

Start with your "Why," and your "Who" and "What" become clear when writing your business book. Instead of fuzziness and frustration, you will have razor-sharp focus that will help you write.
book's marketing message

How To Find Your Book’s Marketing Message

If you don’t know what the central, golden nugget is in your book, if you haven't distilled it to that one central tenet, you'll fail to find your book's marketing message. Marketing your book becomes easier when you can zoom in on what makes you and your book special.
business book mistake

Avoid This Business Book Mistake (In Three Easy Steps!)

When writing a business book, beginning with a detailed outline is recommended – but not understanding what your audience wants to know is a business book mistake you can't afford to make.
business book advice

How to trick yourself into writing a business book

By breaking your big idea into manageable sub-topics, you can tackle the job a little at a time and effectively trick yourself into writing your business book.

Working As A Ghostwriter

Why would someone hire a ghostwriter? For one thing, it might be the difference between an idea floating around an author's head and an actual book being published.


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