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BookBaby makes self-publishing easy: From book printing, eBooks, distribution, cover design, and now editing. Since 2011, we’ve helped thousands realize their publishing goals, backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. BookBaby creates and distributes your printed books and eBooks to the largest distribution network, including Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, and many other popular retailers worldwide.
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How to Publish on Amazon

Learn how to publish on Amazon, navigate the self-publishing jungle, and make the most of your self-published book listing.
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Kickstarter for Authors: How to Crowdfund a Book

Crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter offer authors, artists, and creators a way to minimize financial risk by raising funds and gauging market viability for their creative projects.
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Expand Your Book’s Reach With BookBaby’s Book Translation Service

BookBaby's professional book translation service is a major step forward for self-published authors and publishers who want to reach a global audience.
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Social Media For Authors

This collection of BookBaby Blog posts features tips to help you optimize your promotional and professional exploits on social media.
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Paperback vs. Hardcover Books: Which Is Right For You?

One choice self-published authors need to make is whether to go with a hardcover vs. paperback book cover. They both have their benefits — so which is right for you?
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How To Create A Children’s Picture Book

From trim size to art files, interior formatting, and your book cover, a lot more goes into creating a children’s picture book than just your brilliant story.
book cover design: before and after sample

Book Cover Design Ideas: Before And After

Becky Rodriguez-Smith, director of design services at BookBaby, and Amy Epright, senior book designer, address five elements that make a great book cover design, with before-and-after examples to drive home these design ideals.

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