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Dawn Field

Dawn Field
A book lover and scientist interested in what makes great writing, Dawn Field was the founder of Unity in Writing, LLC where she wrote about writing, language, and science while giving feedback and brainstorming with authors as a developmental editor. Her first book, Biocode, was published in 2015 by Oxford University Press.
Russian dolls as a metaphor for the things you need to write a book

Six Things You Need To Write A Book

Do not underestimate the commitment it will take to realize your story and write a book. Boil your project down to the core components you need to see your project through to the end  and prepare for the task ahead.
woman serving as a beta reader

How To Be A Good Beta Reader

When you read for an author, what do you offer? These eight considerations form a code of conduct that can help a writer and beta reader get the most from one another.
Chalkboard muscles show a strong brain

Get Creative And Build Your Writing Muscles

Here is an entertaining way to push your writing muscles to the max while lounging on the couch or having fun with family and friends.
great writing starts with a quill and ink

What Makes Great Writing?

While there is no common definition of great, all great books have the common feature of lacking content that isn't great. Great writing does not contain "un-great" stuff.
a cartoon depicting the "love at first sight" trope

Tropes: A Storytelling Staple (But Beware The Cliché)

Tropes — cultural references or themes imbued with shared meaning — can be a staple of storytelling (and a potential path to cliché).
cartoon graphic of a writer in distress

How To Fail As A Writer In 23 Easy Steps

Want to be certain your writing career never leaves the ground? These 23 tips will help you stave off success and fail as a writer! To ensure you fail as a writer: 1. Don’t worry too...
revise your writing by seeing it in a new perspective

11 Ways To See Your Writing In A New Light

Whether you're ready to revise your writing or struggling with your first draft, these exercises can help you get a fresh perspective.

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