C. Hope Clark

C. Hope Clark’s newest release is Reunion on Edisto, set in her home state of South Carolina, and the seventh in The Edisto Island Mysteries series. Hope is also the founder of FundsforWriters.com, an award-winning site and newsletter service for writers, chosen by Writer's Digest magazine for its "101 Best Websites for Writers" for 21 years in a row. She lives on the banks of Lake Murray in central South Carolina with her federal agent husband.
writing full-time

Writing Full-Time Takes a Work/Life Balance

To enable myself to write full time, my work/life balance can’t be too loose or too strict. It’s critical to feed the passion and provide for myself and find the perfect levels for each.
emotional stages of publishing

The Five Emotional Stages of Publishing A Book

You've finished writing your book! Well, hold on tight because you're on a wild roller coaster, and while that ride takes you to remarkable highs, it plummets to lows you never imagined. Welcome to the emotional stages of publishing a book.
how you publish

Does It Matter How You Publish Or Who Your Competition Is?

The motivation for writing your book should be to give the world a great story and a memorable experience — no matter how you publish or who you're competing with.
how do readers choose books

How Do Readers Choose Books?

When it comes time to market your book, it's important to understand how readers choose books so you can deliver the right message to the right readers.

You Cannot Overedit

You cannot overedit, whatever anyone says. I dare say I've never read a book without finding a mistake, but when I see one in my work, there's nothing that can make me feel good about it.
writing contest

Should You Pay Writing Contest Entry Fees?

If you are considering entering a writing contest and wondering why it is charging an entry fee, consider the operating costs of the contest provider.
money to write

Finding Money to Write

While you don't actually need money to write, there are plenty of endeavors related to your writing career that require capital. Thankfully, there are ways you can make money with or for your writing exploits.


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