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Andre Calilhanna is the editor and manager of the BookBaby blog. He's a musician, songwriter, writer, marketer, husband, dad, soccer board member, and soon-to-be author. Check him out at
reading books

Can Reading Books Lead To Better Health?

The first point in this compelling infographic suggests that reading books for more than 3.5 hours a week makes you 23% less likely to die. That's a pretty good deal!
Pulitzer Prize

A Pulitzer Prize Primer (and a look at past winners)

The Pulitzer Prize is one of the most prestigious and coveted awards in literature and journalism, and with the 2018 award winners less than a month from being announced, here's some info about the origin of the awards and how winners are chosen.
authors who died in 2017

Voices Silenced: 12 Authors Who Died in 2017

The list of notable authors, writers, publishers, and contributors to the written word who passed last year is far longer than anything we could include in one blog post, but let's take a moment to recognize 12 authors who died in 2017.
publsihing world collage banner

News From The Publishing World, January 2018

From Facebook algorithms to keynote speeches, this collection of news from the publishing world has something for every independent author (or author in the making).
reading habits of Americans

Reading Habits of Americans in 2017 [Infographic]

The end of the year brings the inevitable lists of "top everythings" (guilty!) and retrospectives galore. This infographic goes a little deeper and takes a look at the reading habits of Americans in 2017.
Books From Countries

Books From Countries Around The World [Infographic]

This infographic lists books from 150 countries, inviting you to travel the world without leaving your living room. Of course, your favorite escape may not appear here, but that's the point. Throw a dart and pick a country, then open a book and explore.
reading habits

Reading Habits Around The World

We've already got the Olympics, and even the Reading Olympics – at least they've got that in our school district here in the suburbs of Philadelphia – but this infographic puts global competition and reading in a new light.


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