Ally Nathaniel

In the 10 years since exiting the corporate world, Ally Nathaniel has topped Amazon book lists, sold tens of thousands of books, built a self-publishing business, and has helped more than a hundred authors write, publish, and market their books.
writing a book

Is Writing A Book A Real Priority For You?

Writing a book will never amount to an emergency — that’s why you need to make a conscious decision to put it on top of your list. Is your book a priority for you?
write your book

The Shape of Fear

Do you want fear to be the reason you’re not sharing your story, helping others, and making a difference? Put fear aside and write your book.
gift ideas for writers

10 Gift Ideas For Writers And Creative People

Trying to find gift ideas for a writer friend or just want to pamper yourself? This list will give you plenty of ideas to choose from.


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