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Keep Blogging Simple

How to keep blogging simple — 5 tips for authors

It’s hard to know when to stop sometimes, isn’t it?  Over the last few years, it’s been drilled into our heads that we must deliver outstanding content to be a successful blogger.  If we don’t, Google will reject us.  And no one wants to be rejected by Google. So we add a bit more, tinkering here and there in hopes of finding the right combination of eye candy to entice our readers.  But none of it really seems to work and what we’re left with is visual clutter, overworked posts, and unremarkable content. So, how do we streamline our blogging process to deliver the relevant, quality content our readers demand?  Let’s see what the online authorities can share to help us in our quest for blogging simplicity.

Blogging tips for authors: how to generate new blog ideas

I've heard from quite a few authors lately who just can't think of anything interesting to write about on their blogs. Sure, they know frequent blog updates are crucial for keeping their existing readers engaged, updating social media feeds, and  attracting new visitors to their websites. In short, they know that blogging is one of the best free tools for promoting their books. But they also feel like most of their creative energy goes into those books, and there's not much left over for weekly or, God forbid, daily posts... If this sounds familiar, if you're an author struggling to generate the kinds of blog posts that consistently interest your fans, I hope the three articles linked below will help you find the missing inspiration to blog, blog often, and build a bigger readership for your books:
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Author blogging tips that will help you boost sales and build your readership

Lots of authors are blogging these days. It's one of the best ways to keep your readers engaged in what you're doing between books. Plus it can help promote your new books upon publication. But since everyone is doing it, you've got to do it better. Here are 5 articles for authors on how to get the most out of your blogging efforts.
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Get website tips for your blog or to market your book: the HostBaby roundup

Our sister company, HostBaby, uses The HostBaby Blog to post new web and social media tips for website owners. You’ll learn how to grow your email list, how to get readers to interact with your online content, how to add social media properties to your blog, how to draft newsletters that convert to sales, how to optimize your site for search, and more.
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7 Blogging Tips for Writers and Authors

Everyone is blogging these days, from unknown authors to literary legends—and you should be too. But since blogging has become ubiquitous as a book-promotion tool, it's important to do things right! Here are 7 ways to make sure your blog has a positive impact on your writing career.
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Performance Tips For Authors

Sometimes, we reclusive authors are asked to read, speak to an audience, and even perform improv. Here are some tips to help you prepare for your next live event.
book launch party

10 Tips for Hosting a Successful Book Launch Party

You’ve written your book and completed the hard work of producing it. Now, it’s time to release it to the world. In other words, it’s time for a book launch party.


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