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what kind of writer are you?

We all write differently – what kind of writer are you?

None of us come with manuals, you have to learn by trial and error and grow through experience to discover what kind of writer you are.
kinds of writers

There Are A Million Kinds Of Writers: Which One Are You?

Maybe there aren’t a million names for the different kinds of writers out there, but there are as many ways to write as there are people who write.
writers stories

Writers’ Stories From Quarantine

I asked the writers in our community how the Covid-19 pandemic was affecting them. The responses range from inspiring to sobering. Here's a sample of what you said.
sensitivity readers

Publishers Are Hiring Sensitivity Readers … Should You?

The push for more diversity in publishing can sometimes be at odds with the "write what you know" dictum. Writers who want to make their books more diverse want to get it right, which is why authors looking to self-publish might consider engaging sensitivity readers.
contemplate yourself

Six ways to contemplate yourself as a writer

Here are six things to consider that will help focus your thinking on your internal development as a writer. Take stock and contemplate yourself as a writer.
enemy of the writer

The Number One Enemy Of The Writer

Unclear thinking is most often about being lazy and not fully imagining your story. Write with clarity of purpose, and your writing comes alive.
eccentric writing habits

Eccentric Writing Habits of Famous Writers [Infographic]

All of these writers had very specific ideas about what they needed to craft their work – from particular writing utensils to what they could wear, from what hours of the day they would work to what they wanted their writing spaces to smell like.


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