Black Friday Deals For Writers [2020]

deals for writers

They’re heee-re… Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner, and we’ve partnered with the good folks at ProWritingAid to round up some excellent deals on courses, software, and services for writers.


What’s the deal?Get 50% off a lifetime license OR 25% off of an annual license
When’s the deal?Nov. 23 — Dec. 2nd
Where’s the deal?
How do I get it?The savings are baked into the link above.

ProWritingAid is a powerful editing tool that uses Artificial Intelligence to help you find and fix common writing issues like passive voice, overused words, hidden verbs, unruly dialogue tags, emotional tells, and much more. Its suggestions are the same as those a real copy editor would make. By self-editing with ProWritingAid, you can make sure your manuscript is as robust as possible before sending it off to a live editor, who’ll be able to focus on bigger issues like tone and characterization, giving you a more polished manuscript as a result.

ProWritingAid integrates with MS Word and Outlook, Scrivener, GoogleDocs, Chrome, Firefox, and more, allowing you to edit in-depth wherever you write. ProWritingAid doesn’t often offer a wide, public discount on ProWritingAid Premium and Premium Plus—so snap up this bargain now. Join over a million writers who already use ProWritingAid to edit like a pro.


What’s the deal?Get $50% off Social Ad For Authors
When’s the deal?Now — Nov. 30th
Where’s the deal?
How do I get it?Use code FACEBOOK50

The best place to sell your book is where people spend most of their time—on Facebook. And now through Cyber Monday (11/30), you can save $50 on a custom-built ad campaign that reaches your readers on the world’s most popular place to hang out.

What do Social Ads include? Your social ads will include an attention-grabbing image, an enticing synopsis, and a direct link that takes readers straight to your sales page on BookShop, Amazon, or wherever your book is available. Make this holiday season a profitable one and start your ad campaign today.

One Stop for Writers

What’s the deal?Get 50% Off a six-month subscription
When’s the deal?Nov. 23rd – Nov. 30th
Where’s the deal?
How do I get it?Choose the six-month plan and use voucher code BLACKFRIDAY2020

You’ll write your best novel to date with the One Stop for Writers creativity portal. Its powerful storytelling tools and easy-to-use resources will help you build characters with depth and write stories that absorb and inspire your readers. The hyper-intelligent Character Builder helps you create captivating characters through character arc blueprints. Build awe-inspiring worlds that your readers won’t want to leave with the largest description database for writers anywhere online. One Stop for Writers is the ideal writing partner to help you thrive at every stage as you plan, write, and revise.

The Novel Factory

What’s the deal?50% Off The Novel Factory
When’s the deal?Nov. 23rd – Nov. 30th
Where’s the deal?
How do I get it?Enter coupon code BLACKFRIDAY2020 to get 50% off at payment.

Enhance your productivity and achieve your writing goals with The Novel Factory. The Novel Factory Online boasts all the features you need to write your novel. Tools include:

  • A step-by-step guide to novel-writing
  • Exclusive novel templates
  • Character profiles and quizzes
  • Character bio forms


What’s the deal?50% off an Annual StoryTeller Subscription
When’s the deal?Nov. 23rd – Nov. 30th
Where’s the deal?
How do I get it?Enter voucher code BLACKFRIDAY2020 at checkout

Editing a manuscript is a big undertaking and it can be difficult to make sure you’ve covered everything. Though it can be time-consuming and difficult, the creative story editing process is integral to producing a polished manuscript.

Fictionary StoryTeller applies universal storytelling structures to every scene in your novel. With StoryTeller, you’ll have the power to revise and assess your manuscript against the 38 Story Elements that you need to tell an engaging story that your readers will instantly connect with. Fictionary makes editing simple with clear visuals that walk you through an analysis of your manuscript from start to finish. Features like the Story Arc provide a birds-eye view of your manuscript, allowing you to quickly highlight key areas that need improvement.


What’s the deal?30% off Novlr: Online Novel Writing Software
When’s the deal?Nov. 23rd – Nov. 30th
Where’s the deal?
How do I get it?Enter voucher code BLACKFRIDAY2020 at checkout

The favorite writing tool of over 50,000 authors, Novlr helps you organize, write, and edit your novel — wherever you are. Its sharp, intuitive writing interface is built by writers for writers. It’s easy to use and accessible across devices. The focus-boosting writing interface lets you to remove everything but the words, while the free in-app writing course allows you learn something new or freshen up your old ideas. ProWritingAid’s powerful editing tools are built in, so you can plan, write, and edit in one place. Whatever stage you are with your writing, Novlr will help you do it better.

Helping Writers Become Authors

What’s the deal?Get 25% off the software
When’s the deal?Nov. 27th – Nov. 30th
Where’s the deal?
How do I get it?Use voucher code coupon code OUTLINE

Outlining Your Novel is a workbook and computer program combined. It’s a powerful brainstorming tool for writers that guides you toward discovering the full potential in your ideas so you can identify those best-suited to creating a solid story that will both entertain and move your readers. The software offers an intuitive, fill-in-the-blanks format that will guide you through each step of the process.


What’s the deal?50% on any Well-Storied writing workbook or book bundle
When’s the deal?Nov. 25th – Nov. 30th
Where’s the deal?
How do I get it?Enter the voucher code BLACKFRIDAY50 at checkout

Don’t settle for mediocre stories. Start crafting sensational novels with the step-by-step guides in Well-Storied’s writing workbooks. Writing workbooks include: Crafting Incredible Characters, The Pre-Write Project, The Novel Planner and World-Building Warrior.

PLUS: Get 50% off Well Storied’s “Storytelling With Scrivener” eCourse. In this self-paced video course, you’ll learn how to streamline your writing processes and build better stories by using Scrivener to its full potential. The “Storytelling With Scrivener” course gives you access to over 3.5 hours of online training. You’ll learn how to navigate Scrivener’s interface, use its various versions and functions, and customize its features to suit their specific needs as they work to bring their stories to life. Enroll here using the code BLACKFRIDAY50 for 50% off. (This offer runs 11/25–11/30)

SelfPubCon, The Self-Publishing Advice Conference

What’s the deal?50% off six-month and lifetime online conference passes
When’s the deal?Nov. 9th – Nov. 30th
Where’s the deal?
How do I get it?Use voucher code INDIE50

The Self-Publishing Advice Conference is supported by the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) and runs twice a year in March and October. You’ll hear from the best self-publishing advisors and authors. Your pass will give you six-month or lifetime access to a vast back-catalogue of training from past conferences, featuring self-publishing advisors like Joanna Penn, Orna Ross, Michael Anderlé, Ricardo Fayet, Mark Dawson, and over 100 others.

Campfire Blaze

What’s the deal?55% off lifetime access to writing modules
When’s the deal?Nov. 23rd – Nov. 30th
Where’s the deal?
How do I get it?Enter the voucher code BLAZEFRIDAY20

Campfire Blaze is a customizable subscription that helps you build your story world faster with an integrated word processor, timelines, languages, character sheets, maps, locations, character arcs, encyclopedias, and more.

Freelance Writers Den

What’s the deal?Get your first month’s subscription for just $9 (over 60% off!)
When’s the deal?Nov. 24th – Nov. 30th
Where’s the deal?
How do I get it?Go to the link above between 11/24—11/30

The Freelance Writers Den is the online community where freelance writers learn how to grow their business. If you’re looking to launch your freelance writing career, this is the resource for you. With your membership, you’ll get access to over 300 hours of training from Freelance professionals.

Grammar Lion

What’s the deal?40% off the Grammar Refresher Course
When’s the deal?Nov. 27th – Nov. 29th
Where’s the deal?
How do I get it?Go to the link above between 11/27 – 11/29

Good grammar doesn’t make good writing, but good writing demands good grammar. Get your grammar in gear with a comprehensive online grammar refresher course. Nearly 45,000 students have learned from course creator/instructor Ellen Feld. In this online classroom, when you ask grammar questions, you get grammar answers!

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