Nine Digital Book Marketing Ideas

book marketing ideas

While book marketing isn’t easy, there are plenty of opportunities to reach new audiences. Finding the right ones starts with broadening your ideas of where to look.

So you’ve published a book and you’re ready to get it out there atop all the bestseller lists. But even if you have an established publisher behind you, there’s nothing easy about book promotion. Perhaps you’ve already created your author website, which is a big step, but it’s hardly enough. How will you attract readers to visit your site? How will you entice them to buy your book?

You can’t just rely on a single digital marketing effort. Aside from setting up your author website, here are nine book marketing ideas you should consider when promoting your book online.

1. Make more memorable stories using multimedia content

As a reader, which do you prefer: blocks of texts or content with texts, images, audios, and videos? Many traditionalists are going to like the former. However, there are many devoted and casual readers who are open to new ways to consume fiction.

Sites like Commaful provide a forum for writers to publish multimedia fiction, where you can post snippets of your book and add video teasers. Within your work, you can also include GIFs and sketches. Cornelia Funke has been a pioneer in this space, experimenting with multimedia content to promote her Reckless series.

2. Take advantage of targeted Facebook Ads

When it comes to advertising on Facebook, how can you hit your target without defining it in the first place? Before you promote, determine the age range of your target readers. You can also use their location, profession, and interests as bases for your marketing campaigns.

Next, tap the above mentioned details when creating targeted ads. Success with digital advertising requires a lot of experimentation. Your first ad may not drive the results you need, but as you experiment with the ads’ creative and targeting, many authors find a sustainable model that can grow with their success.

Facebook lets you set up a shop on the platform as well, just like Penguin Random House did. Experiment with new features as they become available to see what will work for your brand.

3. Expand your reach with the help of an influencer

There are reputable influencers out there for almost every interest or target market. And while you may not be able to entice the ones with millions of followers, “Bookstagrammers” with 10,000–100,000 followers could be within your reach. Here are some you might want to check out: @pureaders, @hopelessbooklover, and @pieladybooks. Some may be willing to barter, but many will expect monetary compensation.

4. Pitch and submit content to blogs and sites your target readers visit

If your target readers are millennials, consider sending a pitch to their go-to sites, like Buzzfeed and Elite Daily. Every once in a while, these and similar sites publish reading lists.

If you’re writing nonfiction, contribute to authority sites under your niche or on platforms with a sizable reader base. For instance, Matthew Syed wrote a piece and got published on BBC Magazine around the time he was promoting Black Box Thinking. If your book is about wellness and healthy lifestyle choices, you may pitch content to authority sites like Greatist and Healthline. If you’re still new to the space, you might look for smaller sites that have traffic but may not be as popular yet, like Wired For Youth.

5. Find a writer who can be your marketing buddy

Who knows your struggles better than a fellow writer? Head to your favorite social networking site and look for new and emerging authors like you. You can get in touch with them and see if they’re open to co-promoting with you. It doesn’t have to be a complex marketing ploy — recommending each other’s book is a fine place to start. You may also feature each other’s work in the email newsletters you’re sending to your subscribers.

6. Charm listeners of fiction podcasts

Podcasts are one of the fastest-growing media trends over the last few years. There are a number of fiction podcasts that are just starting out and growing their audience that you can try to tap into.

Don’t miss out on the marketing opportunities these podcasts provide. You can purchase an ad slot, get interviewed, or provide a copy of your book that the podcasters can discuss. Aside from a review, the podcasters may also read excerpts to further entice their listeners to grab a copy of your book. You can use tools like Listen Notes to discover the ideal podcasts for your book promotion.

7. Embrace the budding celebrity in you and grant author interviews

Many blogs are on the lookout for new books and authors to feature. To find them, search for interviews of recently published authors. Aside from platforms for publishers, authors, and book-lovers, you should also check out websites that are related to your book’s niche.

8. Bundle your book with another writer’s work

Go beyond shout-outs by bundling your work along with a fellow writer’s book. Join Facebook groups and Goodreads to search for authors who are offering giveaways or trying to promote their books in other ways. As much as possible, choose a book that’s in the same genre as yours. Then, offer your bundled books at a discounted price.

9. Learn and maximize the value of a mailing list

Building an email list is the best way to keep a direct line with your readers (and potential readers) over the long term. Email marketing involves growing a mailing list and sending newsletters, offers, and other marketing emails to subscribers. Mailchimp and similar companies can help you carry out this task. Your emails can include announcements, discount offers, freebies, and book-signing events.

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