1. Partially right. If you are smart enough to write a book you are smart enough to DL a template and create your own cover without paying hundreds or even thousands to some alleged professional cover artiste.

    Covers are meant to help sell books not to win artsycraftsy awards for some artiste.

  2. My mistake: writing in Word without knowing that the KDP templates were not set up for end notes, and that once set up, adding several section breaks to delete headers and footers from section title pages and blank pages would be impossible

  3. Greetings! I am primarily an artist, so I have a book of poetry with paintings to go with each poem, what is the best way to publish?

  4. Not that a book should be a grammatical nightmare, but ironically I find all kinds of mistakes even in best sellers. But I read 2 to 3 books a week so maybe due to sheer volume. I don’t care though as long as they entertain me. One famous writer who I won’t mention was driving around in a car that didn’t exist in the year he said it was lol

  5. line editing- 10$
    copy editing $7
    proof read $3
    thats 20$ a page editing-

    why not offer a “delux package” for editing? instead of $20$ for all three….. offer- $15 a page for the whole thing.

    • i was told — when i called Book Baby for info — that Line editing INCLUDES copy and proof read editing… anyone know if this is true? it doesn’t specifically say so on their webpage.

  6. Thanks, Steven.
    Too many indies ignore your first tip, and that has given self-publishing a bad name. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read the first part of a book online and decided against purchasing it because of sloppy editing.

  7. AS first time self publisher IAgree with most of what you said,when your not sure i have found that many articles about self publishing have a catch. Design covers what happens when you cant draw I am a writer. And made some mistakes with my first book.it costs and hurts.Please look around people and asks questions


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