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They’re heee-re… Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner, and we’ve partnered with the good folks at ProWritingAid to round up some excellent deals on courses, software, and books for writers.


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Get 25% off a one-year license, 30% off a two-year license, or 50% off a Lifetime license Nov. 27 — Dec. 2nd

There’s a lot more to good writing than just proper grammar, so ProWritingAid’s software addresses readability issues such as passive and hidden verbs, over-reliance on adverbs, repeated sentence starts, emotional tells, and much more. By tightening your text before you send your manuscript to an editor, your editor will be able to focus on the more important aspects of your work, such as tone of voice, narrative, and character development. You’ll get a more polished piece of writing as a reward!


What’s the deal? When’s the deal? Where’s the deal?
Save $100 when you print 100+ books Now through Dec. 31st
Use code PRINT100 at checkout

BookBaby’s formula for great custom book printing is very simple: BookBaby is a self-publishing company staffed by professionals utilizing the world’s best book printing and binding equipment. While every individual book project is different, the results always include eye-popping colors, crisp and even ink coverage, quality paper stock, and sturdy book binding, all carefully packaged and delivered to your door. With over 50,000 projects successfully delivered last year, we know what authors require and expect from their book printer.

Writing For Life Workshops

What’s the deal? When’s the deal? Where’s the deal?
50% off lifetime access to the “Emotional Mastery for Fiction Writers” online video course Nov. 27 — Dec. 2nd

By examining more than 40 passages from best-selling novels, with over six hours of instruction, you will learn techniques to masterfully reveal character emotion and spark emotional response in readers. Enrollment in this online course includes lifetime access and a 30-day money-back guarantee.


What’s the deal? When’s the deal? Where’s the deal?
50% off any Writing Workbook Nov. 27 — Dec. 2nd

Do you struggle to finish your first drafts? Embrace the power of drafting with a plan with the “Pre-Write Project,” a workbook designed specifically to help with developing and outlining your next book. Fear your characters feel more like caricatures? The “Crafting Incredible Characters” workbook will guide you in developing characters as rich and compelling as your fictional favorites. Want to build a fictional world your readers won’t want to leave? “World-Building Warrior” is your comprehensive guide to crafting every element of your story world, from geography and cultures to magic systems and fantasy creatures. Turn your writing dreams into realities with “The Novel Planner,” the daily planner designed specifically with writers in mind.


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50% off first three months’ of a StoryTeller creative editing software subscription Nov. 27 — Dec. 2nd

Writing a successful novel depends on your ability to edit, improve, and revise your work, but editing a manuscript is a big undertaking, both intellectually and emotionally. Being thorough can be difficult and time-consuming, but the creative story editing process always pays off. Fictionary StoryTeller makes editing easier by applying universal storytelling structures to each and every scene. Evaluate and revise your manuscript with Fictionary’s 38 story elements to tell a powerful story readers will naturally connect with.

Become A Writer Today

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50% off any nonfiction writing course Now through Nov. 30

Successful writers have a system. Let’s build one together. The Conquer Writer’s Block program is ideal if you…

  • Want to start writing a story or book but don’t know where to start.
  • Set and miss writing deadlines and want to finally do something about it.
  • Want to say goodbye to self-doubt and perfectionism and hello to a writing routine that sticks.


What’s the deal? When’s the deal? Where’s the deal?
50% off Grow Your Author Platform Course and bundle Now through Dec. 2

The biggest challenge for new authors is not having an author platform — a fan base — that is ready to go when you launch. This program teaches the steps for creating and growing that fan base. This self-paced bundle of courses will help authors:

  • Identify your target audience
  • Learn how to position yourself to grow your audience
  • Grow your email list and social media platforms

One Stop for Writers

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50% off any plan Nov. 27 — Dec. 2nd

Ready to write your best novel yet? One Stop for Writers is a creativity portal that puts powerful storytelling tools and resources in your hands. Build characters deeper than you thought possible, stories that capture the imagination, and worlds that your readers won’t want to leave. From our hyper-intelligent Character Builder that guides you in creating fascinating characters that come with their own character arc blueprint to the largest description database for writers anywhere, One Stop for Writers is the ideal writing partner to help you plan, write, and revise your book.

Book Brush

What’s the deal? When’s the deal? Where’s the deal?
FREE Premium Add-ons for life and 10% discount on the Plus Plan Nov. 27 — Dec. 2nd
Use code: BLACKFRIDAY2019

Book Brush is a platform that provides an easy way for authors to create professional-looking ads and images for social media featuring their book covers.


What’s the deal? When’s the deal? Where’s the deal?
Save 50% on a one- or two-year license Nov. 27 — Dec. 2nd

There’s a reason why so many successful writers use MasterWriter. It is simply the most powerful suite of writing tools ever assembled in one program. MasterWriter gives you word families, phrases, synonyms, pop culture, rhymes, definitions, and figures of speech (metaphors, similes, onomatopoeia, idioms, oxymorons, allusions and intensifiers). While a computer program cannot compete with the imagination of a writer, the mind cannot compete with the word choices MasterWriter will give you in an instant. When the two work together, great things happen!

The Write Life

What’s the deal? When’s the deal? Where’s the deal?
40% off the Earn More Money as a Freelance Writer eBook Nov. 29 — Dec. 2nd

Earn More Money as a Freelance Writer includes nine strategies for increasing your income as a freelancer while working with clients you respect. Written by a writer who worked her way up to $10K/month, this guide will help you ditch your entry-level writing jobs and land higher-paying clients. Regularly $23, get the eBook for $13.80 with the discount.

Make a Living Writing

What’s the deal? When’s the deal? Where’s the deal?
50% off the self-study eCourse Nov. 27 — Dec. 2nd

Freelance writing business coach Carol Tice shows you exactly how to find better client leads and contacts — and get hired! Pitching 101 is a three-module online course that includes tips on how to quickly find lists of good prospects, locate a contact email, and write a winning pitch (includes pitch templates).

Helping Writers Become Authors

What’s the deal? When’s the deal? Where’s the deal?
25% off Outlining Your Novel Workbook software Nov. 29 — Dec. 2nd

The Outlining Your Novel Workbook software provides an easy, fill-in-the-blanks format that will guide you through every step of the outlining process. The Outlining Your Novel Workbook program makes outlining a fun and empowering process that will help you write your best story.

  • Outline. Create a story with a solid three-act plot structure and perfect scene structure.
  • Premise. Easy fill-in-the-blanks give you a perfect elevator pitch every time.
  • General sketches. Brainstorm the big picture of your scene list, character arcs, and theme.
  • Characters. Get to know your characters with an extensive character interview, featuring 100+ questions.
  • Settings. Keep track of your settings, explore your best options, and answer helpful world-building questions.
  • Fun Extras. Import your mind maps and world maps, keep track of your story’s timeline, cast your characters, and create story-specific musical playlists.

Grammar Lion

What’s the deal? When’s the deal? Where’s the deal?
40% off the grammar refresher online course Nov. 29 — Dec. 2nd

Good grammar doesn’t make good writing, but good writing demands good grammar. Get your grammar in gear with a comprehensive online grammar refresher course. Nearly 45,000 students have learned from course creator/instructor Ellen Feld. In this online classroom, when you ask grammar questions, you get grammar answers!

Find your way to self-
publishing success in just 5 easy steps with this 62-page book. Yours absolutely free.

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