Reading Habits Around The World [Infographic]

reading habits

With Game of Thrones airing its final season, riveting political sagas animating our TV screens, Tiger Woods achieving new heights in a career filled with milestones, and tragic and compelling news stories being broadcast from around the world… are people still reading?

It may seem like every school-aged child has his/her nose in a phone and, yes, I know Game of Thrones is technically a book series… but there’s a lot out there competing for our attention.

But, based on this infographic created by the good folks at Global English Editing, reading continues to be a way people all over the world spend their time — and money!

Which is not to say politics and world news don’t fit into the equation. Michelle Obama’s Becoming is among the most popular books in half a dozen countries abroad, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House (by Michael Wolff) tops the “Top 20 Print Books of 2018” list, and even A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo, a children’s book about a gay bunny, has its origins in political satire.

While some of these facts seem obvious, there’s plenty you wouldn’t have guessed. For instance, if I told you France and Estonia were ranked among European countries with the highest and lowest minutes-per-day reading rates, would you be able to guess which was at the top and bottom? (Spoiler, Estonia tops more than one list on this infographic.)

And while everyone knows J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series is the most popular book series ever, would you have guessed that six of the top eight books borrowed from Australian libraries in 2018 were Harry Potter titles?

Scroll through the infographic, enjoy the affirmation that there’s hope for the world… and then get back to writing! There are people hungry for books out there.

reading habits


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Reading Habits Around The World



  1. I am not surprised India is the country leading as readers. I was there twice and the people are amazingly inquisitive about other people visiting them. Unlike countries that think themselves so ‘exceptional’ that nothing beyond their shores matters India is very positive towards the world. Their inherent knowledge about British literature left me astounded. {I live in Australia via Berlin}. Their natural philosophical mind set is truly embedded in the metaphysical. We could all learn from them. If others got off social media digital derangement.


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