10 Gift Ideas For Writers And Creative People

gift ideas for writers

Trying to find gift ideas for a writer friend or just want to pamper yourself? This list will give you plenty of ideas to choose from.

Whenever a new client joins one of my programs, I like to send them a gift. I love giving gifts and I feel great when I find the perfect match for a special person. It’s a wonderful way to show someone how much you appreciate them.

I am always recommending that writers find their “shiny spot” — something or someplace that makes them feel good and promotes writing — and I like to use tangible objects to achieve this goal. That means a writer can use anything he or she wants that inspires them to create the atmosphere needed for writing: a scented candle, music, or anything else that helps them focus and get into their writing zone, that place where the words are flowing and writing is fun.

Although you don’t need an excuse to hand someone a present, the holiday season, a birthday, or a special occasion is when people expect you to show them how much you care.

That’s why I created this list of gift ideas for writers: to help you find the best gift for a fellow writer, or for yourself. After all, you deserve to be pampered too!

gift ideas for writers Aqua Notes

Aqua Notes

When do you usually get the best writing ideas? For many of us, it’s while performing tasks that are habitual, such as driving a car or taking a shower. The problem is, during those times, we often have no way of recording our thoughts.

Although it may seem like these brilliant ideas are doomed to be lost forever, there are ways to capture them. While driving a car, you can use your phone’s audio recorder to save ideas that pop up.

Unfortunately, this is not possible when taking a shower. That’s why I was so excited to find this waterproof notepad that you can stick on your bathroom wall and use when showering. This is a great tool for any writer.

gift ideas for writers book embosser

Personalized book embosser

I wish I had a dollar for every book that was not returned to me. If only I had someone give me this pure awesomeness 20 years ago, I would have been saved the frustration of wondering whether that book on a friend’s shelf belonged to me…

I’m sure every writer and book lover would appreciate this personalized book embosser.

gift ideas for writers spiritual cards

Spiritual cards

We all can use a reminder that things are going well in our lives. I start every morning with 5-10 minutes of meditation to remind myself how grateful I am for everything I have and to focus my energy on the things I want to accomplish that day. Writing, for example.

Some days, when I need a little help from the universe, I like to use things to remind myself that my mission is part of a greater plan and that the universe has my back, whatever it is I choose to do.

This deck of cards provides inspiration and encouragement when you’re ready to get your book done.

gift ideas for writers scented candles

Scented candle

How do you create the right atmosphere to get yourself into writing mode faster? Personally, I wake up early in the morning, before sunrise, when the house is quiet. For others, it’s meditatation or sitting silently sipping a cup of their favorite beverage.

There are many ways to use an object to spark your shiny spot, and lighting scented candles is one of them. That’s why I love these candles so much. Not only do they bring light and fragrance to your life, they provide inspiration as well.

gift ideas for writers books

The Artist’s Way and Big Magic

Books, needless to say, are the perfect gift for any writer. We can’t get enough of them, and many are life-changing. I feel safe to say that every writer secretly hopes that one day their book will be recommended or gifted on that premise.

I recommend The Artist’s Way and Big Magic because they shifted my perspective about writing, about practicing writing, and about connecting to a higher power. They express ideas I didn’t have the words to describe in a beautiful and simple way. They made me feel as if the authors are my best friends and will be there for me whenever I need guidance and encouragement.

I hope you, or the person you give those books to, will feel the same.

gift ideas for writers socks

“Leave Me Alone” socks

If you’re an introvert, as many writers are, you’ll get it right away. These socks made me laugh so hard, I hit the “buy now” button right away.

Think of yourself in the middle of a writing spree when someone approaches to ask you a question. Not just one you have no desire to answer, but one that makes you want them to go away. Now, with these socks, all you need to do is pull your hem up, show them your sock, and keep writing. Problem solved!

gift ideas for writers tell tale

Tell Tale card game

You know those moments when creativity seems elusive? When you sit in front of a blank paper and the words are not coming out?

This game will spark your creativity by forcing you to make up stories. You’ll laugh, have fun, and not only connect with others, but with the prolific writer inside you.

gift ideas for writers engraved pen

Engraved pen and case

You simply can’t have too many personalized pens engraved with inspiring quotes. Think about it: a pen that you can use to write that inspires writing at the same time! Can an author ask for more?

gift ideas for writers essential oils

Essential oils

It’s no secret that fragrance can spark creativity. Whether it’s the smell of the first rain after a long, dry summer, a cake coming out of the oven, or your neighbor’s fresh-cut grass, the right scent can instantly connect us to memories and emotions.

This is why essential oils are a great gift for writers who appreciate the inspirational power of fragrance, with a wide variety to choose from. Personally, I prefer the edible-graded ones: I use them for cooking or I add a drop to a water pitcher (it makes a huge difference, trust me!).

You can also pair up this gift with an oil diffuser.

gift ideas for writers music

Calming music

Music always makes a great gift for writers. When I wrote my latest book, I would put on my earphones and listen to calming music. This allowed me to create a space that is isolated from the rest of the world and promoted my writing.

As a writer who pays attention to words, I can’t listen to songs with lyrics because it throws me off. That’s why I usually listen to meditation music — it helps me center my intentions and reach my shiny spot.


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  1. Adoring your list of gifts for writers it’s extremely broad and covers pretty much any blessing that will suit an assortment of identities. Being a writer myself I can value such a list.

  2. That aqua notes and those socks cool, especially those that you can put your own words on. My sister would love a pair with “I didn’t do it” on them. Idea for birthday or some other special day. Yup!
    And the aqua notes for me. Don’t know how many times I’ve lost good thoughts because I was In The shower.
    Good job. Book marked page so I can sit down when I have time to order.
    Not good job, GREAT job!


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