4 thoughts on “How to Write a Galley Letter (And Get Book Reviews)

  1. Sherry Christie says:

    If publishing through CreateSpace (aka KDP), how does one get early printed galleys? How have other writers handled this?

  2. Thanks for the advice. My question: Is it best to send copies of the book when first querying potential reviewers, or do you send just a letter first? Then, if they agree to review a book, you send the number of copies requested with a galley letter in each as you describe.

  3. Hi Mike
    Many thanks for this interesting blog on advanced reader copies. As a boutique publisher, we find accessing reviewers in larger publications difficult at times, so our focus is mostly on those reviewers and publications that might have a focus on the topic or age group of a particularly book that we are launching. I do have a question: At what point in the pre-final publication process would you suggest sending ARCs to reviewers? I am worried about sending books with minor errors to reviewers, even though they may include “Review Copy Only” marks. Welcome your thoughts.

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