1. audio books are a very small % of sales no matter how fast they are growing
    and they only sell into a few very narrow niche areas

    quality recording is very difficult which is why you need an audio engineer and a good voice over artist
    trying to DIY is a fools errand

    and unless you have a best seller your chances of selling many copies of an audio version of a low selling ebook or POD is fat slim and none

  2. If poetry is your genre, would an audio book work as your only platform… Poetry was meant to be recited.

    Also how about linking your book to running shoes, jogging apparel and headphones?

  3. Whoah!! This is what I really wanted. Creating an audiobook is a tough decision unless you have a support from a dedicated team for this project. Guidelines are really a good source of support for the growth of your audiobook.


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