Can Reading Books Lead To Better Health?

reading books

OK, so let’s start with the caveats. The first point in this compelling infographic (created by the good folks at Global English Editing) suggests that reading books for more than 3.5 hours a week makes you 23% less likely to die. That’s a heck of a good deal, right? Makes me want to read 3.5 hours a day! It studied people over a 12-year period, and book readers were more likely to live, though I’m not sure what the controls were… I’ll just take the literal interpretation of that stat, if you don’t mind.

Other nuggets listed in the infographic include the incredible stress-reducing effects of reading, though that should have an asterisk suggesting that reading the news has the exact opposite effect on stress levels. I’m all for staying up on the latest developments at home and around the world, but my stress levels aren’t getting any lower in the process. Now, curling up with a good book is a whole other story, and that’s what the “reading reduces stress levels by 68%” statistic is suggesting.

The infographic also spells out how reading can help stave off dementia and depression and fill up your “fulfillment tank,” which is something I bet you didn’t even know you had.

So, the big-picture takeaway… reading has benefits beyond making you seem super intelligent at dinner parties. Who knew something so enjoyable could be so good for you?

reading books infographic


BookBaby 2017 Survey Results


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  1. Books have been my companions since childhood and I have an eclectic collection in my personal library.

    I read books for improving my knowledge and relaxation. Thank you for the infographic. I didn’t know I was improving my health in the process!

  2. My first book was a children’s bible at the age of 1 year. I read that bible hundreds of times. As I grew older I generated to other books and books have and will always be a part of my life. Wherever I go I have a book in my hand, whether it be to the doctor, the dentist or other appointment but I always have a book in my hand. Even to the gym! I devour books like a baby devours a bottle of milk. I have my own library built up of books on various topics and subjects which I seriously will harm someone if they try and take it away from me LOL! Books are my life and should my eyesight fail I will engage someone to read to me every day.

  3. I knew books were healthy for me as they took me out of my own sad world into a world of possibilities, adventure, excitement and more!


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