7 thoughts on “Realize Your Best-seller Potential: Focus On These Five Details

  1. Bob Ricker says:

    Can my book be one of the 24 hour specials … or 1 week? I’m thinking of .99 rather than 1.99. Book is Assured of Heaven: Defeating Doubts and Confirming Certainty. Bobricker.br@gmail.com

  2. Good article Steven. Thanks for the read.

  3. Kirby Wright says:

    Before publishing an entire book, submit individual chapters/stories to university literary reviews and respected magazines to build credibility. Too many peeps cut themselves short by ignoring these avenues in a mad dash to get a book out. If you can’t get any acceptances for the individual pieces, chances are your book needs heavy editing and perhaps needs to be revised.

  4. Interesting! Thank you so much for this article! It really gives me a lot to think about in particular point no. 4 Love the idea. again great article.

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