BookShop Videos: How To Make Coupons, Banner Links, and More

BookShop videos

The BookBaby team has created a series of videos to help our authors make the most of BookShop, the bookselling platform available to all BookBaby authors. From creating coupons to including a “see inside” feature, BookShop makes it easy for authors to earn bigger profits and control the way their books are sold. Go to the BookBaby website to read more about BookShop.

How to make coupons work for your book

If you want to offer discount coupons as part of a book launch or special promotion, BookBaby’s BookShop makes it easy. First, log into your BookBaby account and click on “BookShop Coupons” under the “Book Manager” section. Find your book title and click on “Add Coupon.”

After you click “Add Coupon,” a window will pop up, where you can add a description. You can name your own code, within 20 characters, or you can have a random code generated for you. Next, decide which type of discount you want to give your customer: a fixed amount (e.g. $1.99 off) or a percentage (e.g. a 10% discount).

You can:

  • Limit the number of times a coupon can be redeemed
  • Schedule the coupon to be valid immediately or for a later date
  • Set an expiration date
  • Cancel an active or upcoming coupon any time
  • Reuse an expired or canceled code for a new coupon

Once you are happy with your settings, click “Create Coupon” and your coupon is ready for use!

How to promote your book with the Link Generator

To create a banner that sends readers and fans directly to your BookShop page (where they can purchase your book), log in to your BookBaby account and click on “BookShop Link Generator” in the “Book Manager” section under your book title. Click on “View Links” and you’ll see a variety of banner options you can post on your personal website or blog. Select the banner you want to use, click on the “Copy Code” button, and embed the code into your desired location, like the sidebar of your website or blog.

The more places you make your book accessible, the easier it will be for your customers to buy your book!

Customize your BookShop page to sell your book

To customize your BookShop page, log in to your BookBaby account and click “BookShop Manager” on your account dashboard. Then, find the title of your book, make sure “Available in BookShop” is activated, click “Edit,” and you will see different layout and color options for your BookShop webpage. Try out a few layout themes and pick the one that works best for your book. BookShop’s layouts will automatically adjust to the devices your customers use to view your book, so whether your customer is on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer, your page will always look and function the way you want it to.

For most of the templates available, you can add a custom header image behind your book cover. Click on the “Add Header Image” button, upload your file, publish your changes, and share your URL with your readers! Make sure you own or have permission to use the image you upload – do not use an image you grabbed from an Internet search. We recommend a high-resolution PNG or JPG that is 1920 x 400px (do not upload anything larger than 10 MB).

How to boost credibility with Book Reviews

Just like on other online bookstores, your readers can leave reviews of your book on your BookShop page. After a customer buys your book, they can revisit your BookShop storefront and log in at the bottom of the page to submit a review. After logging in, your customer is prompted to submit a review title, star rating, and commentary on your book. After they submit their review, log into your BookBaby account, click on “BookShop Reviews” under the “Book Manager” section, and you will see the new “pending” reviews. Click “approve” to publish, and new visitors can read readers’ reactions to your book!

How to entice readers with “See Inside”

To set up a preview of your book with BookShop’s “See Inside” feature, log in to your BookBaby account, click on “BookShop Manager,” find the title of your book, make sure “Available in BookShop” is activated, and click “Edit.” Scroll down until you see the “See Inside” dialogue box, click the toggle button to turn the feature on, and confirm you want to activate it.

Next, click on “Manage Preview Pages” to change which pages are shown – you can show up to 10 consecutive pages. Once you select your range of pages, click “Generate Preview pages” and then “Save this preview” to publish your changes. Now a customer visiting your BookShop storefront can click on the “See Inside” button and preview the pages you selected. The more you customize your storefront, the better your customer’s experience will be!

Do you dream of self-publishing your book? It’s easier than you think with BookBaby.

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