1. Surely preparing for holiday book sales should be done in the spring… depending on where in the world your readers are… so your books are available when most people are going on holiday (in the summer). All this talk of holidays in the winter leads me to assume that BookBaby is based in the southern hemisphere, which I know it isn’t.

    I know that many other authors, not based in the States where ‘holidays’ refers to the period of crass commercialism from Thanksgiving to the New Year, bristle at the term when ‘holiday reading’ really means lying on a beach with the latest blockbuster.

    There’s a whole lot more world out there than the United States… Why not recognise the fact by not being so America centric?

    • That surprises me, Kate. Most (if not all) small publishing houses use POD printers because of the low sales volumes of lesser known authors. I know my publisher does. Sure, the individual copy price is higher, reducing the profit margin or discountability, but there aren’t the overstocks and suchlike to pay for.

      In some fields, notably academic books or technical and scientific manuals and library reference volumes, it’s long been the norm. Some of these expensive books may only sell a few copies a year.


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