Read a Book and Develop Super Powers! [Infographic]

read a book

While you might be skeptical that you’ll actually develop super powers if you read a book, the benefits of reading are worth reviewing and reveling in – if only to reinforce the fact that you’re doing something good for yourself while doing something you love. How many habits can you say that about?

Reading literary fiction, as evidenced by this infographic from the good folks at Global English Editing, can make you more empathetic, promotes self-reflection, and can help you be a more social person (as long as you put the book down and get out of the house).

Of course, reading also helps build your vocabulary; eases depression, anxiety, and stress; and can even help ward off dementia as you grow older.

So maybe flying and X-ray vision are off the table, but reading not only helps you (and your children) relax and grow your brain, it’s the best teacher for aspiring and experienced writers alike.

If only eating ice cream sundaes were this good for you.

read a book and become a superhuman


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  1. I am so glad I have always loved reading anything. Nicknamed bookworm as a child, I also used different Genres at different times in my life to fit in with whatever hobbies, interests, stages, problems or questions needed information. I now do much reading on the internet as well. Now I love writing and love reading about it. Lately its been about editing. Now when I read for relaxation I see aspects that editors or publishers have overlooked. Maybe this spoils the total enjoyment and wonder of reading a book or novel but I still love reading. One day I hope others will read and find wonder in what I write. Great article.


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