Finding Money to Write

money to write

While you don’t actually need money to write, there are plenty of endeavors related to your writing career that require capital. Thankfully, there are ways you can make money with or for your writing exploits.

Let me begin this post with one basic fact: You need no money whatsoever to write. All writers started as someone and something else, and they wrote, regardless of whatever else they were doing.

Writing happens when you put pen to paper or keys to computer. With the exception of the National Endowment for the Arts, you will find no grant or funding stream that will let you quit whatever else you are doing to write. Writers write, regardless.

However, you might need money:

There’s not much more to pay for, and with a little research, you can determine what these figures will be for you. Remember, you shouldn’t ask for money until you clearly define how much you need and exactly what you need the funds for.

Once you’ve determined those things, where are you supposed to find the money? You can:

  • freelance and earn money writing articles and blog posts
  • do copywriting for businesses
  • speak and teach for honoraria
  • take pre-orders for your book
  • create a website/blog and seek advertising revenue
  • create a crowdfunding campaign on,, or
  • take out a loan or use your credit card
  • request to be a speaker under your state arts commission or state humanities commission
  • apply for arts commission fellowships
  • request sponsors for your project
  • ask a nonprofit to be your fiscal sponsor
  • apply to fiscal sponsor and artist investment entities like,, and
  • enter writing contests

There. You should be able to find opportunities from that list. Pick two, three, four, or all of them. There are options. There is hope. It’s just a matter of deciding which you prefer to do.

Good luck!


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  1. I just need more people to buy my book ‘Search for the Sunlight.’ A Treewood adventure by Craig A. Thomson, on Amazon.Then I will be able to re invest the profits in advertising and promotion, which will hopefully result in further increased sales. Simple really. But then I woke up!

    I am eternally optimistic.

  2. Good article and helpful in many ways. However, it is not true that no funding streams are available for writers. I am supported by patrons, many of whom support me via; and this has allowed me to produce five books in the last year and a half while my living expenses are provided.

    Latayne C. Scott

  3. I am the author of a beautiful treasure. Forty-seven pieces of short-story poetry, each story presented with it own graphics in full color. It is awesome. I need now to market these beauties. I want to see them in every library, every hospital gift store, every airport gift shop. Do you know anyone that promotes dementia/Alzheimer’s programs? I own my ISBN.

  4. Unfortunately, every money-raising opportunity extracts a price measured in time, a disproportionately more valuable commodity.


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